How color psychology affects consumer behavior

How color psychology affects consumer behavior

How color psychology affects consumer behavior

In the field of retail marketing, especially at the individual level, colors are a powerful force to influence consumer decisions because of their ability to simulate the consumer's subconscious mind, influencing feelings and emotions involuntarily, and thus directing the possibility of consumer behavior for marketing and promotional goals.

Colors are also the alphabet of logosTrademarks To draw its identity and refine its visual entity to create in the minds of consumers an involuntary loyalty to the product.

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How color psychology affects consumer behavior

While shopping in malls, curiosity due to the attractive color of the cover of a product may prompt you to pull it out of its place in order to read what is on the box and learn about the product more, as the color of the commercial logo plays an additional 80% boost in the behavior of target consumers, and in this example brand owners realize In all fields, especially emerging ones, the importance of color in attracting attention to their products, as an essential step in the field of marketing and attracting more consumers.

Here is a guide to the emotions of each color, which will help you design the colors of your business logo or website. What does the science of color say:


Red color:

It is the color that has the strongest influence on human emotions, as studies indicate that red increases the heart rate, which means a rush of adrenaline in the blood, which is the hormone associated with intense feelings such as danger or love. In the field of marketing, the color red increases the desire for risk and impulsive buying among consumers.


the yellow color:

It is a category of warm colors. Although it is less powerful than red, it is an attractive and attention-grabbing color. It gives shoppers positivity and a feeling of warmth, joy, and optimism. It stimulates mental activity and increases awareness and energy. However, be careful if used excessively, as yellow causes feelings of anxiety.


The color orange:

The color orange evokes feelings of joy, and in color science, orange is produced by mixing red and yellow, meaning it combines the energy of red with the joy of yellow. Orange stimulates the consumer and evokes feelings of enthusiasm, will and encouragement to make decisions. No wonder it is the official color of marketing for energy drinks, exercise equipment, or even the offices of companies that want to increase the productivity of their employees.


the colour blue:

One study found that customers at a car dealership had a higher rate of agreeing to more profitable deals for dealership owners, and that was only when negotiating in a blue room!

It is the color of tranquility and creates feelings of calm and security in the human soul. The color blue comforts customers when they make decisions, especially in the case of difficult decisions, which prompts them to feel relaxed and safe while making a purchase decision or agreeing to deals.

Just as blue is the opposite of red in the color wheel, the effect of blue on the human psyche is opposite to red, which increases the speed of the heartbeat, while blue increases hormones that have a calming effect, which helps to relax, calm the heartbeat and speed up breathing, in addition to it. It stimulates a state of enthusiasm, imagination, sincerity, spirituality and compassion.


green color:

Being the color of nature, green signifies purity, health and freshness. It also expresses growth and vitality as a result of its association with plants and trees.

Green is pleasantly energizing with feelings of comfort, harmony, and sustainability.

As a result, green is used to indicate profit in financial markets and corporate growth in business timeline charts, and it is also the official color of environmental initiatives and projects, and organic products.



In all its shades, such as violet and reddish-purple, purple gives a feeling of renewal and distinction due to its rare use in product marketing.

Purple represents ambition and power. Purple was only used by kings in the past due to its high cost, so it is associated with luxury.

The color violet also reflects wisdom, dignity, independence, mystery, magic and creativity.


pink color

The color pink (or pink) is more delicate compared to red, as it is gentle and free of feelings of danger or threat.

The color pink is associated with childhood and youth, making it a powerful marketing tool because it represents innocence, optimism, and a sense of hope.

It is the favorite color for females, as pink is considered useful for marketing directed at women and girls because it reflects femininity, but we must take into account the phenomenon that has spread recently called the โ€œfemale pink taxโ€ or โ€œPink-Tax,โ€ which means an increase in the prices of products that are consumed by females only. Because it is packaged in pink, even though its quality does not differ from cheaper products, which affects purchasing decisions regarding products that females consume by staying away from pink due to the common impression of their high price compared to their quality.


Black Color:

It is a multi-use color, whether used alone in brands, or when mixed with colors, as it is a neutral color with high contrast when used with other colors to reflect elegance, sophistication, discipline, maturity and strength.


White color:

As is the case with black, white is an elegant color that is great for blending with colors and creating high contrast, as it reflects feelings of purity, goodness and innocence.

It is the color of snow, perfect and clean without any blemishes, reflecting the spirit of modernity and youth.


the colour grey:

It is an absolutely neutral color as it combines black and white. Gray represents the color of cloudy days and reflects feelings of lethargy and lack of energy.

Gray is associated with maturity when used with other colors in branding. It is not advisable to use it alone only in the design of your website or commercial logo. It is great for mixing with colors as shades or gray backgrounds that give a sense of balance and calm.


To this point, it can be asserted that the importance of using colors to attract attention to products is an essential step in commercial marketing, because colors have a direct impact on the individualโ€™s subconscious and evoke human feelings. The psychology of colors in consumer behavior constitutes one of the most important marketing decisions for a product or for promotional campaigns at all levels, whether directed to an individual or a segment of society, and this is reflected in the modern marketing plans followed by the largest companies in various fields with the aim of successfully reaching their commercial goal of profit and spread.

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