How is the volumetric weight of delivery calculated in e-commerce?

How is the volumetric weight of a delivery calculated?

How is the volumetric weight of delivery calculated in e-commerce?

The costs of shipping the product from online stores are the first reason why the consumer refrains from purchasing products, as the customer tries to add products to the shopping cart to find out the shipping price and then withdraws from the purchase.
The owner of the electronic ruminant must be frank about the shipping costs and must not exaggerate in estimating the shipping costs. Therefore, the website owner must understand the method of calculating shipping costs. There is a commonly used method through which one can know the estimate of the value of shipping costs, which is volumetric weight.
Below is the definition of volumetric weight and how to use it to know how to calculate the shipping cost.

Dimensional Weight

It is also called the dimensional weight (DW), and it is the weight that is estimated based on the dimensions of the package that contains the product, including height, width, and length. Shipping companies usually bear the cost, which is calculated based on the actual weight of the package or the volumetric weight, and in most cases the cost of the largest weight is based.
The first purpose of calculating the dimensional weight is to encourage choosing the smaller size and choosing small packages instead of large packages, in order to also benefit from reducing the space that is used in shipping the package.

How to calculate dimensional weight

Dimensional weight is calculated by shipping companies by converting the dimensions of the package into a known weight and then determining the shipping value against the size of the package.

Volumetric weight calculation formula

Dimensional weight = length x width x height ÷ shipping company's price
The divided price is often 139 for most popular shipping companies.

The importance of volumetric weight

The importance of volumetric weight comes from the desire of shipping companies to encourage people to buy from the Internet, and to use small packages that are appropriate only for the size of the products being purchased, as large packages cause shipping companies to waste money due to the space that the package takes up during shipping, unlike small packages, which save space. For a larger number of packages, which makes shipping operations easier and more effective in terms of shipping costs for companies.

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Concepts of volumetric weight

There are three basic terms for weight that you must know when entering companies to find out the cost of shipping, and these concepts include:

Actual weight

It is the true weight of the product, and you can know it by weighing it on a scale compared to the shipping company and the country to which it is shipped.

Volumetric weight

It is the amount of weight of the box, which is determined by specific dimensions if all the space inside the box is used correctly.

Billable weight

It is the weight that the shipping company uses to determine your shipping price, and it is determined by choosing the larger of the actual and volumetric weights.

Other ways to calculate dimensional weight online

  • DHL Express Volumetric Weighing Tool
    The DHL tool is based on the denominator 139 for one inch and is divided by the pound, or using the fixed number 5000 for the centimeter per kilogram, and the cause is rounded to the nearest integer. The description of the package must also be specified if it is a box or tube, as the description will affect the calculation of the rates and weights.
    It must be taken into account that using the DHL tool to calculate the weight of the shipment is based on the DHL Express Volumetric Weight system, and it also applies to calculating the Time Definite and Day Definite services, as this calculator is specific to the weight of the DHL shipment, and is not used to calculate the prices of other shipping companies.
  • FedEx volumetric weight calculator
    The FedEx Dimensional Weight Calculator is the method by which dimensional weight is calculated when you ship through FedEx, which is used on FedEx Express and FedEx Ground services. The FedEx calculator is based on the denominator 139. Just enter the dimensions of the package you want and you will get a cost price. Shipping
  • shippingEasy calculator
    It is a free calculator that is not affiliated with any shipping company. ShippingEasy provides an account service for consumers. It is also a service provider for business owners and is dealt with by a large number of e-commerce sites. You can use the shippingEasy calculator to find out the packages shipped through major shipping companies and international transportation companies. You can even Choose between local shipping and international shipping calculations.
  • Red Stag Fulfillment Shipping Calculator
    It is also an independent calculator company that calculates the volumetric weight using its own calculator. Just enter the actual weight and dimensions of the package and the Red Stag Fulfillment calculator displays the dim weight of international shipping companies.
    The Red Stag Fulfillment Calculator is easy to use and displays all shipping cost details for each shipping company

Calculating the cost of shipping products for business website owners

The electronic mobile must include a calculator to know the shipping costs to customers, as adding the calculator increases customer confidence in the store, and the shipping cost price is calculated instantly based on the number of products in the shopping cart and its location.

From the previous lines, we have learned about the concept of volumetric weight and methods for calculating it, which will help you know the best ways to package and ship the product with the lowest package size, which will help you reduce the cost of the shipping price and reduce costs as much as possible.

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