Why should you create an online store?

Create a free online store

Why should you create an online store?

Online shopping is the process of purchasing products or services online, which means going online, accessing the seller's website, selecting a product, and arranging for its delivery.

The buyer pays for the good or service online using a credit card or upon delivery.

The difference between an online store and a traditional store is that customers in an online store are able to shop anywhere and at any time as there are no geographical boundaries, while providing a variety of items available for purchase. Customers also have the ability to compare prices and find items that suit them. Their budget.

So why should you? Create an online store?

Steps to create an online store with NGShops

There are many reasons to create your own online store, including:

  • Reaching new, targeted customers. In addition to your brand and the relationships you create in your traditional store, adding an online store will increase the number of your customers through search engines. When potential customers search for a product you offer, these results will appear in their searches.

Create a free online store with NGShops

  • Reducing the cost of your retail sales through an online presence. You can measure the popularity of products and choose only a certain number of products in your store. You do not need additional employees. In addition, advertising and marketing are less expensive. Creating an online store costs you a few hundred dollars, which is reflected in the prices of the products. You will not have to buy expensive real estate to rent your store.


  • Your Products Are Available 24/7 While having a product in your brick-and-mortar store can help give your customers an idea of what you recommend, allowing them to buy from you online will open the door to more sales. As they will not have to go to your store to get their product, the time and effort spent on moving from one store to another will be saved. All you have to do is browse the store and choose the appropriate one, and it will be delivered to their home.


  • Knowing the behavior of customers in purchasing processes, and what products customers focus on purchasing and related products, you can benefit from this information and target their interests, as well as plan sales offers by offering discounts on products and services, and contribute to highlighting the best-selling products, which makes it easier for your customers to find them easily.


  • Increasing competition globally, a huge market will open before you. This market has no limits, given the lack of geographical borders on the Internet. You can provide your services and sell your products everywhere in the world with access to the Internet.


  • Customers obtain detailed information about the product, and the ability to know people’s opinions about it through the product evaluation feature that is now available on most electronic platforms. All of these things motivate customers to choose more products and continue the shopping process, which means increasing sales.


  • Building an online store means automating many routine processes that consume a lot of time, effort and money.
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