What is Growth Hacking?

What is Growth Hacking?

What is Growth Hacking? You've probably heard of growth hacking because it's one of the most common buzzwords we've been hearing for years when it comes to business growth and development, and frankly if you don't know what growth hacking means, I think you're missing something important, something that will definitely impact your business. Therefore, in today’s article, we will talk in detail about this topic on the website EnglishShop.

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What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking aims to search for unseen marketing opportunities that come from creativity, thinking, and careful analysis of data using powerful marketing tools.

In order to reach the ultimate goal of massive development and multiplying its results dozens of times and at lower costs at the same time!

The most popular stages in which this marketing technique is used are the stages that require massive growth in a short time and with small budgets.

What are Growth Hacking skills?

We will mention skills in the following lines Growth hacking Which companies must have:

  1. A growth hacker must be fast in his work and to be fast he must learn all the skills he may need in achieving rapid growth strategies so that he does not wait for anyone to help him in that.
  2. Of course, it is not necessary to learn all the skills and become an expert in them because a growing hacking team is currently being formed consisting of more than one person and each of them has specific skills.
  3. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to learn all the skills, but it is true that you have a good background in most areas so that you can implement large parts yourself.
  4. As I mentioned, you need to know a set of skills.
  5. It starts with knowing and analyzing data because this is the right way to find the main obstacle in the way of growth and ends with thinking and creativity skills to come up with solutions to this problem.
  6. And the growing hacker among them certainly needs other technical skills to bring these solutions to life.

As for Growth Hacking skills, they are:

  • Effective planning.
  • Cuban evaluation.
  • Create landing pages.
  • Using artificial intelligence in marketing.
  • Create advertising campaigns on different platforms.
  • Superficial knowledge about HTML and CSS.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of tracking tools such as Google Analytics and others.
  • Improve conversion rate.
  • Website building skills.
  • Also customer dealing and retention skills.
  • Creative thinking skills.

Famous Growth Hacking examples

We will mention in the following lines examples of famous growth hacks for the largest companies:

Dropbox company

Dropbox was one of the first companies to use growth hacking and why not.

Its owner, Sean Ellis, was the first to coin the term.

The way this company grew was to use a referral program and referral programs were not around at that time.

The company has been offering users an additional 250MB of storage space for every friend they bring as a new user on the platform.

After a while, they gave 500MB for each referral, and of course the company allowed the referral link to be marketed anywhere, whether on Facebook, email or any other means, so there were no restrictions at that time.

Airbnb website

In its early days, Airbnb relied on a strategy that we will discuss called the “sharing strategy.”

The idea here is that before Airbnb came along, its founders were using Craigslist.

Which was then the most popular forum in the world where people could rent a house in a specific location.

The idea implemented by the Airbnb founders was that they put the Craigslist link to their platform as a main part and displayed information that was not sufficiently present in the original forum.

They began to attract the audience on the forum to them so that almost everyone who uses the forum is on the site, and of course it is now the first site in the world in this field.

Hotmail Company

This is one of the most powerful examples of using growth hacking Without exaggeration, Hotmail was the first free email provider in the world and was striving to increase its popularity among people.

In fact, in just 18 months, the company has reached 12 million users.

While at that time only 70 million people in the world had the Internet.

Therefore, attracting 12 million users at this time is more than wonderful.

PayPal website

PayPal knew in its infancy that regular marketing would not work, especially since PayPal was not known to people and therefore not trusted.

The step taken was that PayPal officials contacted eBay officials to put PayPal as a payment option as it takes a small commission on each transaction.

At the time, Ebay wouldn't agree to this because PayPal wasn't well known.

So what Paypal did was that they contacted the major sellers on eBay to buy their products and the trick here is that they asked them to pay via Paypal.

Since the sellers were not aware of PayPal and it was not available on eBay.

These sellers lost the deal offered to them and that was the purpose of PayPal from the beginning.

Because right after that, sellers on eBay asked to integrate PayPal into their payment methods, and they were told.

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Facebook company

Facebook has an amazing Growth Hacking team and has used this technique to attract over 200 million new users in just one year.

By providing the ability to create pages for free websites and blogs on the platform, and indeed this matter spread widely and caused a sensation because it did not exist.

What is the importance of this technology for us as marketers and content creators?

I know some people might be asking this question now, especially since our conversation has always been about business development and growth.

But let me tell you my friend that growth hacking is by no means limited to businesses. Any business can.

Regardless of its form and type, use growth hacking or rapid growth.

How to get started with Growth Hacking?

Now let's get to the point that many will ask, which is how do you become a growth hacker? I will tell you that there is no need to worry, but first you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have the skills to become a growth hacker?

Can you make accurate analyzes in any field?

Also are you always willing to learn?

The above questions are so important that the answer to all of them is yes, and if the answer is otherwise, please find out what is required first.

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