What is invisible marketing?

What is invisible marketing?

There are many marketing methods in the current period, which were the result of several years, during which the world turned to digital marketing, which included two types of marketing, namely visual marketing and invisible marketing. We specially mention here invisible marketing, which has become the ideal and best option for many major companies.

What is invisible marketing?

Invisible marketing is the messages that are broadcast to the public to create a state of communication and emotional response towards your products, turning that emotion into a desire to purchase in the long term.

Invisible marketing methods

Despite the importance of visual marketing and a lot of spending on digital media marketing, this method of marketing is no longer the only good method. Rather, there are some emerging companies that do not adopt this method frequently due to the lack of investment that covers the costs of visual marketing.
Now digital media is a fragmented media, a marketing team can be wonderfully popular and effective in their promotions and create hundreds of demographics and target each one, furthermore each of these segments can be filtered based on the behavior of people who have visited the site and see if they are registered. Whether or not you can target newer audiences and remarket to older audiences, the list of segments, combinations and alternatives to each of them is endless, until there comes a certain point where the effort just isn't worth it.
Tighter segmentation and better control create another problem, and marketing becomes invisible.
The issue now is to show the hidden, that is, the invisible marketing to stakeholders, so how do we show management a supposedly smart digital campaign that is running for a specific segment of the audience in addition to many campaigns and create a harmonious marketing team?

In-depth invisible marketing

Adding to the complexity is Deep Invisible, which are tasks that are not directly related to invisible marketing, and display it through search engine optimization (SEO) experiments, where there are hundreds of personalized and uniquely designed messages for different customer segments that periodically flow across platforms to publish content, and design relationships. Link-based public is the opposite of the old focus of print media, which is different from the entire technology chain which consists of hundreds of new web pages being created, hundreds of animated data points, subtle changes to the user interface, and other tasks that are essential parts. Of the modern marketing machine.

Invisible Marketing and the team behind it

Invisibility is the enemy of the marketing team While the reliance on traditional branding and visual promotions has diminished for most Internet-enabled and digital marketing companies, the experience remains as the CEO still needs to see and feel live promotions.
However, it is a real challenge as the marketing manager now needs to bring out the invisible and market the team's work to stakeholders, making it an imperative and existential task not only for the invisible marketing team but for everyone.

Invisible marketing elements

Invisible marketing is based on several basic elements: motivation, framework, and fuel. Below we explain the most important aspects of the three elements of invisible marketing.


Have you ever been craving a mid-afternoon coffee break and suddenly felt the need for something sweet to go with it?
This is the starting point from which invisible marketing begins.
To clarify further, we can talk about a practical example related to the KitKat company.
KitKat is a good example of what happens when leading companies abandon their successfully implemented marketing plans.
In the 1980s, they launched a marketing campaign under the slogan “Chocolate for Active People.” The company failed and achieved major financial failure. In the 1990s, they launched another campaign under the title “Chocolate is Better Than Wasting,” only to fail again, which had a negative impact on sales. In search of the reason. You will find that the new logos tried to create a completely new idea, linking the brand to different daily activities at a time when the company was starting from scratch.
To save the company, they returned to the original slogan of revitalizing marketing, which relies on indirect or invisible marketing and reconnecting with customers.


Which refers to the frame of reference in which the way the context in which your marketing message surrounds affects the way customers receive it.
For example, one environmental group in the United States tried to reduce shark hysteria by publishing the number of shark attacks that occur annually as they wanted to highlight how small the number is.
They failed to curb the hysteria because the public was given no frame of reference, and the environmentalist group never turned the summary into reality.
Another time they provided a frame of reference by turning an abstract number into a real-life example, by asking the audience a question: What kills you: a shark or a deer?
No one viewed deer as particularly deadly – but the facts showed that people were 300 times more likely to die as a result of a deer-related accident than from a shark attack.
The frame of reference was clear, which reduced shark hysteria.


Fueling refers to removing obstacles on a customer's path to purchase, in other words adding fuel to a marketing idea so that it reaches its destination faster.
Simplifying the purchase path is important because when presented with steps that involve making a decision, people always choose not to do something, and this is because decision-making requires mental strength, which is not what the audience or customers want.
Therefore, it will be easy to include your marketing idea with the fuel of emotion covered to create a good situation between customers and your products to push them to buy in an invisible way and far from the mental thinking that requires making decisions.

Despite the different marketing methods, invisible marketing remains the best for many companies and stores due to the interaction it achieves with customers and the target audience.

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