What is the difference between internal and external marketing?

What is the difference between internal and external marketing?

What is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing? The importance of marketing has increased in recent years, as all business owners seek to control markets and win customers. This has led to a doubling of the effort expended in return, and the use of different types of marketing, to enable projects to achieve the results they want, among the types of marketing strategies used in internal marketing. And the outside. We explain all this on the website Trianvo.

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What is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

Types of marketing are now divided into two main sections: usual or traditional marketing and electronic marketing. Within each type, there are different marketing methods. This has given rise to many types of marketing strategies over time. This is of course due to the fact that marketing is a means and not an end in itself. Entrepreneurs look for the best results for them.

Therefore, among the types of marketing strategies to be relied upon, it is not possible to judge. For example, search engine marketing achieves better results than email marketing, because it is mainly due to the marketing vision and project needs.

So when we talk about inbound and outbound marketing, we don't judge the effectiveness of one over the other. But we talk about them as methods within the types of marketing strategies that currently exist, and they play a role in marketing, so if it is appropriate to rely on one or two, it must be done.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing refers to the process of creating high-quality content, through which new customers can be attracted to purchase from the company. Inbound marketing relies on customers looking for different options for their purchase, rather than random selection without criteria.

Therefore, instead of directly promoting products, inbound marketing helps people realize how much they need what you have to offer, and helps them through the different stages they go through, all the way to completing the purchase process. The goal here is not just selling, but rather paying attention to the customer’s need, helping him, implicitly convincing him to buy, and establishing continuous communication with him from the beginning, even after the sale.

What is Outbound Marketing?

The concept of “Outbound Marketing” refers to well-known traditional methods of marketing, such as purchasing radio and television advertisements. Or advertise on billboards. In this case, there is no direct contact with the customer, but it depends only on the customer’s desire, which prompts him to buy.

Therefore the advantage of inbound marketing over outbound marketing cannot be emphasized at present, or demand a complete replacement. Each of them plays its role in the marketing process according to the current marketing plan. If the plan is developed correctly, inbound and outbound marketing will complement each other and enhance the marketing power of your enterprise.

Therefore, instead of starting by defining the types of marketing strategies in your plan, it is better to refer to the analysis of your current situation and the goals you want to reach. You can use the SOSTAC model to do this or other marketing operations. If you do not have the experience or sufficient time for marketing, you can hire a professional digital marketer to prepare the plan and choose the appropriate strategies for your business.

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What is the importance of inbound marketing?

We will mention in the following lines the importance of internal marketing in detail:

Reduce marketing cost

When you compare the cost of inbound and outbound marketing strategies, we will find a big difference between the two. The former can be easily obtained now, and creating a page on a social media platform may not cost anything. Even with the use of different types of marketing strategies in inbound marketing, it will be at a reasonable cost.

But when compared to the cost of producing an advertisement on television, or placing an advertisement on a pole in the street, the big difference between internal and external marketing will become clear. And the high cost of the latter. Therefore, when you rely primarily on inbound marketing, you will be able to reduce your marketing budget.

Increase awareness and trust in your brand

One of the most important benefits of inbound marketing is that it builds real awareness of your brand. It contributes to introducing many people to it. By getting them to produce a lot of relevant content, and displaying it on the right platforms they will get to know you.

Not only will that happen, but providing you with rich, useful content, not just focusing on selling, and not suddenly showing up in their email as spam. For example, it creates a good relationship with the audience. This relationship is the beginning of trust in your brand.

Reaching the right customers

If your product doesn't target mass markets, you're not targeting everyone. Therefore, you will not benefit anything when your marketing message reaches a large number without benefit. Because this will not convert them into customers who want to buy your products or services, because they are not your potential customers in the first place.

Therefore, inbound marketing plays a key role in reaching the right customers, by providing the right content to the audience. You will be able to reach potential customers, who will follow you through the rest of the content until they purchase. That is, you will be able to control the matter, and direct the sales content in the right place for customers interested in purchasing.

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