What is a sales funnel?

What is a sales funnel?

The owner of any business needs to create a sales funnel, or what is called a sales funnel, in order to attract the largest number of consumers and later convert them into customers. The first and main goal of the sales funnel is to transform the path of people from viewers and followers of your products to a customer who makes purchases from your store. .
So what is the concept of the sales funnel and what are the stages of funnel conversion?

What is a sales funnel? 1TP 2T8 sales funnel?

The sales funnel is the path and steps that a consumer follows until he becomes a customer of your brand, as it shows the path that potential customers take. The importance of this knowledge and positioning of the path is in helping you know the weak points in the conversion path, and knowing the points at which a potential customer leaves your store without purchasing. And not converting him into a customer, and you will not be able to improve your sales if you are not aware of the conversion path that the sales funnel provides you.

How does a sales funnel work? 1TP 2T8 sales funnel

The sales funnel works through four stages in which the consumer moves from being a visitor to a potential customer and then becoming a buyer.

The four stages of the sales funnel

The four stages are abbreviated in the word AIDA, which represents awareness, attention, decision, and action. Each of the four stages requires a different approach from the others, which we explain further through the following explanation:

First: awareness

It is the first stage in which you work to attract the attention of the consumer, which is done through various marketing channels, in which the consumer becomes aware of the products you offer, and sometimes in which the consumer turns into a buyer immediately after knowing what you offer and that it is suitable for him or he has He researched the product beforehand so he can buy it as soon as you show it.
In the sales funnel, awareness attracts the consumer to visit your site and learn more about what you offer.

Second: Attention

This is the stage in which the consumer conducts research and comparisons with other products on the market.

Third: The decision

The decision-making stage is the stage in which the customer is ready to buy. The consumer is faced with a small group of options, including your product. This is the opportunity to present your best offer. Therefore, you must provide offers that the consumer prefers. You can also choose offers that make the consumer see that you are not... Beneficiary of these offers.

Fourth: Work

The last stage is for the consumer to buy your product to become an active customer in your brand, but this is not the last stage for you. Your biggest goal is to retain the customer and repeat the purchase process from your store.

How to build a sales funnel

You can do this through several simple steps that will eventually enable you to build a fast path to sales.

  1. Know the audience

You are not marketing to everyone, but rather looking for the right consumers for the products you offer, so you must analyze the audience in order to increase the effectiveness of the sales funnel. You can use some tools that help you know the behavior of consumers and how people interact with your site to reach your target audience.

  1. Attract consumers' attention

The most important step in the sales funnel is attracting consumers and your ability to attract their attention, which requires you to provide distinct content to the audience. You can do this by promoting on all marketing channels, diversifying the content you provide, and incorporating it with graphs and using video clips.

  1. Create a landing page

This page may be downloading a file, watching a video, or even going to a web page to learn more about the product. In your advertising campaign, you will need to move the consumer to another level of advertising and marketing, which is done by directing them to a landing page that contains the details of the offer presented next to it. Other distinct offers, so your focus is to attract the customer and not push him to the purchase process. Use strong and attractive phrases to urge consumers to go to your page.

  1. Use email

Create a marketing campaign through e-mail and provide them with special offers on a regular basis, but be careful not to use this campaign excessively, as one or two messages per week may be enough.

  1. Stay in touch with customers

Do not forget your current customers, but always be in contact with them and offer them special offers.

How to measure the success of the sales funnel?

Your sales funnel may need to be modified or improved in light of the growth of the business and the diversification of products, which you will know by measuring the success of your sales funnel and tracking conversion rates. You can know this through some points regarding the stages of the sales funnel that will help you in Know what your sales funnel needs, including:

  • Know the number that is attracted by your content and whether this number is what you are striving for or not.
  • Know the number of people who provide their contact information, as this step indicates the extent of consumer confidence and desire for your brand.
  • Analyze purchases made through email campaigns and other marketing channels.
  • Know the frequency of purchases.

Therefore, creating a sales funnel is a strategy that requires a lot of time and effort to succeed. However, it is one of the best ways to help you maintain your market position and attract the largest number of customers.

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