What is user generated content?

What is user generated content?

What is user generated content? It is the content that contains multimedia for every user who mentions your brand and mentions it in a public domain by sharing it on social media sites or on blogs. In the following lines, we will talk in detail about user-generated content.

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What is user generated content?

UGC, short for user-generated content, is any media content created by users that mention or reference your brand and is published in the public domain.

This is through sharing on websites, and Social media platforms, blogging sites, review or rating sites, etc.

It's simply any content created by people who are not responsible for your brand, and who share their brand experiences with their family, friends, and followers.

Content can be anything from written materials, blog entries, forum posts, reviews, or visual elements such as images, GIFs, videos, or audio.

Why is user-generated content important for marketing?

  • User-generated content (UGC) rules the marketing world. The reason is that it satisfies the customer's unspoken desire for recognition and appreciation.
  • External recognition or word of appreciation for your brand, as well as from your native customers, adds value to users' trust and affinity for your brand.
  • This also encourages them to share content related to your brand with their family and friends through social media platforms (this indirectly benefits your brand).
  • 93% of users find user-generated content helpful during a purchasing decision.
  • While 86% of millennials see user-generated content as the main measure of brand quality (source).
  • User-generated content is not a complete replacement for any marketing strategy, but rather the secret sauce that enhances the effectiveness of your entire marketing arsenal.

Benefits of user generated content

There are several benefits that answer the question above – why is user-generated content good for your brand? Let's take a look at some of these reasons why Create content Beneficial for your brand:

Authenticity of user-generated content

  1. User-generated content is an ambassador of objectivity. This objectivity comes from the fact that user-generated content is created by real, authentic users of your brand.
  2. They are not endorsing your brand because they are getting paid to do so but simply because they are already satisfied with your brand's products and services.
  3. Hence, when you embed user-generated customer reviews on your websites or display them as digital signs.
  4. You present your brand's authenticity and showcase its social acceptability among your user base. Thus, the overall user trust in your brand increases.

Link to user generated content

  • User-generated content interacting with nature. The main source of user-generated content is social media.
  • We all know how addictive social media can be. It is one of the most used tricks to boost user engagement.
  • So, when you display user-generated social media content to your audience, either through your website or through social walls at events and digital signage.
  • Users will automatically be interested and encouraged to post on social media with your hashtag so they can become part of your social wall display.

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Conversions in user-generated content

User-generated content is the main driver of conversions in your business. UGC provides social proof, thus building user trust and convincing them to make the final purchase. This helps you increase the percentage of website visitors and event audience who finally convert into customers.

Running user-generated content contests is one of the most tried and tested ways to increase conversions for your brand. It opens the door wide for users to share your brand.

Building a user community

  1. User-generated content is a great way to build a strong, loyal community around your brand.
  2. This community not only helps you grow but also supports your brand to have loyal customers.
  3. User-generated content campaigns serve as a great platform for community building exercises. It helps you build a deep connection with your customers.

Benefits of search engine optimization

88% of customers trust user-generated reviews as much as they trust recommendations from their family and friends. Now just imagine the impact that including a social media feed on your website (that is user generated) would have. On conversion rates, dwell time, website relevance, and overall ranking of your e-commerce site.

Brand awareness

User-generated content starts a chain reaction when a user posts something on social media about your brand. Then other users also start posting similar content about your brand. This user-generated content is available to many social circles of your loyal customers, thus spreading brand awareness.

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