The size of the e-commerce market in the Arab region in 2022?

What is the size of the e-commerce market in the Arab region in 2022?

E-commerce concept: Trade is one of the oldest professions practiced by humans, and it has evolved over time starting from the concept of... Commodity swap Passing through the introduction of money as a means of dealing, as it became the purchasing value of the commodity, up to the technological development we are experiencing now, which began to grow rapidly, thus changing the concept of commerce, as it freed it from being tied to a specific place and a specific time, opening the door wide to a new concept, which is electronic commerce, which is, in a simplified form, a selling process. And purchasing products online with all its steps and procedures, whether between individuals or companies within the borders of one country or between countries. So, what is the size of the e-commerce market in the Arab region in 2022?

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Importance of e-commerce:

E-commerce is considered a revolution in the world of commerce, as it has removed geographical barriers between countries. The electronic market is currently limited by the world’s population, where you can purchase any product or service from anywhere in the world with simple steps and complete payment processes easily, all while sitting in your home using your mobile phone or phone. Any other device connected to the Internet.

Not only that, but it is now possible for any ordinary person not associated with a company to carry out commercial operations and choose different products, relying entirely on the customers’ evaluations of the seller and the products, which are done openly, clearly and transparently, which is in the interest of the customer in the first place, as he can choose products of high quality. The prices are competitive, and sometimes there are many offers and discounts offered by the producing companies in order to win the battle to attract the customer.

In light of this development of the electronic market

How can the e-commerce market in the Arab region?

Unfortunately, the experience of Arab countries in the field of e-commerce is considered to be largely timid, as it so far represents no more than 1% of the value of global e-commerce.

If we ask about the reasons behind this low percentage, we will find many of them

  • The absence of legislation and laws that regulate e-commerce and protect customers.
  • Lack of infrastructure for the technological development necessary for this type of trade.
  • The Arab citizen does not have full awareness of the importance of this type of trade, similar to that in the Western world.
  • The Arab consumer lacks confidence in this type of electronic transactions.
  • The employees do not have sufficient experience in dealing, marketing online, promoting and advertising their goods properly.

Some Arab countries have overcome these obstacles in order to catch up with e-commerce, thanks to their governments with a future vision that heralds the transformation of commerce into an electronic form and the gradual disappearance of traditional commerce.

At the forefront of these countries United Arab Emirates :

It ranks first in the Arab world in e-commerce and ranks 28th in the world.

The volume of e-commerce in 2020 amounted to about 27.2 billion US dollars, helped by a population of 15 million people, 90% of whom use the Internet and 30% buy their needs from the Internet.

The UAE government is also making every effort to provide the necessary facilities for the development of electronic commerce, as it has created the necessary infrastructure to keep pace with this development. It has also enacted a set of laws regulating the electronic commerce sector and providing electronic trading platforms.

Followed by a country  Qatar It is ranked second in the Arab world and 47th in the world, as the e-commerce sector has witnessed remarkable development in recent years, as the volume of e-commerce in 2020 reached approximately 2.2 billion US dollars, compared to 1.5 billion US dollars in 2019.

Come Kingdom of Saudi Arabia It ranks third in the Arab world and 49th in the world in the field of e-commerce. Although most of the population uses Internet services, 15% of them buy their needs online.

The government is working hard to overcome the obstacles that prevent the development of this important sector.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is followed by Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman, and Bahrain within the Gulf Cooperation Council.

in addition to Egypt With a population exceeding 48 million Internet users who are under the age of 30, the volume of e-commerce in 2021 amounted to approximately 4.9 billion US dollars. E-commerce is considered the third largest sector that has witnessed rapid growth in its annual rates, after the communications and technology sectors.

The future of e-commerce in the Arab world

Economists expect rapid growth in the volume of e-commerce in the Arab world and that it will overtake the traditional commerce pattern. The most important factors that will help this are the adoption of easy-to-use applications to complete purchases instead of websites, in addition to introducing an installment system to encourage and attract more consumers to use this type. From trade.

Despite the joy of wandering around the markets and looking at the storefronts carefully and carefully arranged to attract the largest number of customers, technology has quietly crept into our lives and begun to gradually dominate most aspects of our lives. Some may see it as positive, as it has made our lives incredibly easy, but in my personal opinion, it has lost us a lot. One of the pleasures of life

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