What is the concept of marketing deception?

What is the concept of marketing deception?

What is the concept of marketing deception? Recently, with the increase in the process of buying and selling online and the Corona epidemic, the concept of the digital consumer has emerged, which relies heavily on electronic shopping and in the era of the digital economy, information, and competition for profits and other gains. We explain all this on the websiteย Trianvo.

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What is the concept of marketing deception?

Any marketing practice that results in the consumer (customer) forming a false personal impression, belief or estimate (judgment) regarding the marketing subject (product) and/or other relevant elements of the marketing mix such as price, promotion and place (distribution).

It is also defined as any marketing practice or interaction between a marketer and a consumer that involves the formation of a negative impression (subjective judgment) on the consumer (customer) regarding the subject of marketing (product) at or after the transaction. This is often linked to the marketer's intent to deceive and mislead, leading to an inappropriate purchasing decision that harms the consumer.

Sometimes it goes beyond imitation of well-known brands. Vance Packard noted in his book The Hidden Persuaders, published in 1950, that consumers are exploited by advertising.

But the real achievement of the consumer movement and the defense of consumer rights came from US President JF Kennedy during his famous speech before the Senate. He referred to the so-called Consumer Rights Law in 1962. He referred to four main consumer rights: the right to security. The right to information, the right to choose, and the right to be heard.

How to protect consumers from marketing deception

At its core, the consumer protection movement aims to improve one's life and live in a world where clarity in marketing relationships prevails. In which the consumer can interact with other parties, such as sellers and producers. With a little doubt and caution, he can obtain his needs for goods and services without exerting much effort to ensure the correctness of his decisions and the accuracy of his choices, in a way that suits his needs on the ground.

There is no doubt that achieving this goal requires strict adherence by sellers and producers to the correct business conditions and rules through which the consumer guarantees his rights. He shall not be subjected to any manipulation, deception, or material or moral harm.

The International Consumer Organization was established in 1960 as an international organization that includes all associations and organizations working in the field of consumer protection in the world. With the aim of defending the rights of the global consumer in various fields such as food, medicine, specifications, prices, meeting needs, and fighting all negative practices against the consumer.

Especially in light of buying and selling on social media sites, to ensure that the product sold over the web conforms to the specifications in reality. Online marketers should adopt artificial intelligence. Applications such as Facebook algorithms to protect the marketer himself as well as protect consumer data from hacking.

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Types of marketing deception

We will mention in the following lines the types of marketing deception:

Cognitive deception

To deceive someone by mixing dimensions, which means making some parts conscious at one moment and unconscious at another.

optical illusion

An optical illusion that causes the images in front of us to change shape and size can be created by passing a grid of bars in front of them.

Optical illusions can change the way we understand how things happen. The eye sees polarization if we view a crystal placed on a rotating platform through a polarizing microscope.

As the crystal rotates in a full rotation (360 degrees), it becomes light and dark respectively depending on its location and its function as a polarizer or light analyzer.

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