Top 8 Marketing Podcast Channels

What are the top 8 marketing podcasts you need to listen to?

Podcast It is a group of episodes recorded in audio form and broadcast over the Internet. You can hear them during the live broadcast or by recording the episodes and listening to them later, whether using your smartphone or a computer, using special programs that play podcasts. In other words, podcasting is the modern version of radio. So what are the top 8 marketing podcasts you should listen to?

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What is the reason for the great demand for podcasts?

Despite the large and rapid spread of visual content, podcasts have captured the attention of a very large segment of followers, perhaps because they are primarily content-based. The audio You can follow it whenever you want and wherever you want, perhaps while driving the car or while exercising, or you can follow it when you are doing your daily routine work.

With podcasting, you will not be obligated to leave your work, sit in front of any visual content, and devote most of your attention to following up and gaining benefit. In addition, the time period of podcasting is short compared to its visual counterpart, and it does not require a very fast Internet connection.

Podcast channels have reached the largest segment of society because they discuss all aspects of life. There are channels that specialize in scientific and medical topics and others that discuss matters of politics and economics. Some of them even entered into the details of our psychological and emotional lives, to the point that comedy occupied a part of their interests.

It is one of the most important topics imposed by the data of our current era and discussed on podcast channels in a wonderful and attractive way E-Marketing.

So, there are a significant number of Arab and foreign channels that specialize in clarifying everything related to electronic marketing and talk in detail about its basics, among the most famous of which are at the Arab level.

Khamsa business Five business

An Egyptian podcast, founded by Youssef Real Estate, discusses the most important growth strategies for companies of all sizes. It also presents ideas that help entrepreneurs and freelancers make the most of their time and resources available to them and turn that into work that generates financial profit for them.

Business made easy

An Egyptian channel specialized in simplifying management and business concepts for all those interested in electronic marketing. This channel, in addition to management and business, discusses personal development topics. It was founded by Alaa Sagaa, an expert and consultant in the field of project management in 2018. If you follow this channel, you will enter the depths of the world of business management and unlock its secrets and mysteries.

Vegetables and business

Engineer, startup pioneer, and management and investment consultant, Mohamed Hossam Khader, founded this channel. He presents his topics through two axes.

  • Management, entrepreneurship and everything related to them from investment, operation and marketing...
  • Life, relationships, success, and the ways to live them optimally so that we ultimately reach reconciliation with oneself.

Whatever questions you have about the world of business administration, marketing, and startup management, you will find a simplified and understandable answer in this podcast.

Business talk

The idea of this podcast is to host a famous person in the world of entrepreneurship and marketing and listen to his experience in this field and benefit from his ideas, how he was able to succeed and overcome obstacles, his secrets and secrets, in addition to the inspiring situations he lived.

All this and more through a dialogue conducted by Mashhour Al-Debian with his guests.

As for foreign channels, here are some of them:

This is old marketing

This podcast is presented by the duo Robert Rose and Joe Boulez, who are international experts in the field of electronic marketing. This podcast is presented weekly and the episode lasts for an hour. During this hour, you will receive the latest and most up-to-date marketing news while you sit at home and sip your cup of coffee. It also discusses strategies for expanding businesses using electronic marketing, and even Covers everything related to marketing from A to Z.

Marketing growth podcast

If you want to know the programs, techniques and tricks that professionals use, this podcast is what you are looking for, presented by marketing professional Shane Parker.

In this podcast, the basics of e-marketing are explained in detail, as an e-marketing expert is hosted in each episode, through which they share with followers the secrets of their successful businesses and projects.

Perpetual traffic

The founder of this podcast, Ralph Burns and Kesem Aslam, provide important information on how to generate traction for your products and business and everything related to that, from search engine optimization, social media marketing, and paid marketing, all of that is covered under the umbrella of this podcast.

It is shown twice a week, for 40 minutes.

Everyone hates marketing podcast

It is one of the best podcast channels for teaching electronic marketing. The person responsible for this channel, Louis Greiner, discusses in his episodes modern methods in marketing, avoiding stereotypes and imitations. His style of presentation and dialogue is very interesting, and you will never get bored when following him.

Duct tape marketing podcast

The host of this podcast is John Jantchen, founder of duct tape marketing consulting.

By following this channel, you will gain access to ten years of experience of many experts, marketers, and consultants in the field of electronic marketing. You will discover the methods and strategies followed by entrepreneurs that helped them succeed and achieve their goals.

In the end, if the field of electronic marketing is your passion, these channels will be the key that helps you enter this world and many other visual and audio channels. The world has become a small village, and we wander between its streets and alleys while we are in our homes.

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