What are the marketing objectives?

What are the marketing objectives?

What are marketing objectives? Objectives are an essential element of your marketing strategy. Marketing objectives set the direction for what needs to happen for your product or service to perform well in the market and are the foundation of the plan you build to get there. The purpose of marketing is to reach your target audience and communicate the benefits of your product or service so that you can Acquire, retain, and develop customers successfully. Therefore, your marketing goals must relate to the specific business goals that your company wants to achieve, and this is what we will explain in detail on the website. Trianvo.

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What is the meaning of marketing objectives?

Setting a Marketing Goal: Your marketing goal is a specific, measurable, ambitious, and realistic timescale that moves every marketing effort forward.

Why is setting marketing goals important?

Marketers who write down their goals and objectives are more likely to make them a reality. Ignoring data can be very detrimental to the business as a whole.

Most marketers confirm that setting marketing goals so that they are designed clearly, precisely, and in an integrated manner has had a significant impact on the success of their marketing campaigns and the achievement of most of the goals they set.

What are the marketing objectives?

We will mention in the following lines what are the marketing objectives of companies:

Do not launch a marketing campaign that has no purpose

  1. You must realize that any marketing process you undertake must be linked to a marketing goal that you want to achieve, and to achieve the most important goals of the marketing and marketing process.
  2. If the marketing objective of the campaign is not defined and defined, you are wasting and wasting money.
  3. It is important for the marketing manager and marketing team to determine the goal of the marketing campaign, whether the marketing campaign is electronic or traditional (direct marketing).

Make profit

  • The primary goal of marketing and every marketing process is to achieve profit and increase sales.
  • Any marketing that does not seek to achieve this goal will lose its way.
  • The profit equation is simply revenues minus expenses (profit = revenue – expenses).
  • Profits are generated in two ways:
  • The first method: increase sales.
  • The second method: reduce costs and expenses.

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the growth

The primary goal of marketing is the growth of the organization to reach maturity and continuous development, and what helps companies grow very quickly are successful and creative marketing plans. Viral marketing is one of the creative marketing models that helps the company grow significantly.

Therefore, marketing departments are keen to follow up on quality in the products or services provided by companies, because quality is the most important marketing factor for a company that leads to its growth.


  1. Companies grow at the same time for many reasons, including the quality of their products or services, their distinction in the market, and their distinctive prices, but a factor may occur in the market that reduces the growth of these companies.
  2. This is in the event that there is a strong competitor in the market that has distinctive, high-quality products.
  3. So one of the general marketing goals is: to survive. It is one of the goals of direct marketing.
  4. An example of survival is Nokia, which was exposed to a storm of intense competition after its great success.
  5. Until 2007, its sales in the market reached more than 40% of the market share of phones.
  6. But after the advent of iPhone and Android devices, the company shrank and was unable to maintain its presence in the market.
  7. Marketing works to keep the company in the market in light of intense and broad competition, and works to maintain the quality of products and provide significant competitive advantages.
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