What are the basic marketing characteristics?

What are the basic marketing characteristics?

What are the basic marketing characteristics? We talk about it more than we talk about anything because it is considered the most important field today, which is the field of marketing, which literally enters all areas of the current era and everything related to the electronic world. Marketing itself is full of terms and important things that no one can ignore at the present time. We explain all this on the website Trianvo.

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Marketing concept

Marketing is a science like any science, and it is based on selling the product from its producer to the consumer, whether he is a final consumer or a non-final consumer and a merchant only. Marketing depends on selling the product to the consumer through many marketing steps and channels that make it reach each category equally from the other categories.

The importance of marketing

Marketing is of great importance, and we may now mention some of them, including:

  • Identifying the desires of the average consumer of all categories and knowing how to reach them.
  • Discovering new products in the markets, studying them well, and knowing competitors’ market shares in the share of the product it supports.
  • Providing assistance to the average consumer and knowing their level of satisfaction with the service or product provided.
  • Provide support to production operations to improve their image.

What are the basic marketing characteristics?

We will mention in the following section what are the basic characteristics of marketing:

Marketing is an advanced science

This characteristic indicates that marketing is significantly advancing day by day. The methods that were followed in the past have no place now. The biggest marketers in the field are still learning and fascinated by new methods and techniques, so marketing is not a closed science or field.

Caring for consumers

The consumer in the shopping process is the first important factor without which the process will not take place. The process is based on satisfying the consumer's desires in all ways and all marketing methods to reach the point of saturation.

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Small business dominance in marketing

Most of these small enterprises rely on employing a small number of employees. The number of employees employed does not exceed five people, most of whom are already owners of these institutions.

Marketing strategies

Marketing has many strategies that must reach a specific goal. These strategies are:

  1. Preparing the message. Here what is meant by the message is the introductory part of the product, which may be a product, service, or anything offered to the consumer to inform him of the entire topic.
  2. Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses through SWOT analysis, which is a SWOT analysis that specializes in analyzing the organization's strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities that the organization may obtain in the future, and the fears that may harm the organization in the future.
  3. It is a very important analysis for any organization or company to know everything that may be related to the organization and its plan.
  4. Knowing the goals. Here what is meant is to determine the desired final goal based on which you measure what you have achieved and whether you are close to achieving it or not, and whether it is increasing in the right way or not.
  5. For example, if your YouTube channel goal is to reach 1 million subscribers, and you find yourself increasing your subscriber count by 1,000 subscribers per day.
  6. Here you consider yourself on the right track, but also in the case of increasing, but at a lower rate, such as 10 or 20 per day!
  7. Here you are on the right path but the strategy is wrong.
  8. Determine the strategy You must carefully determine the strategy you will use in order to achieve the goal you have set.
  9. Elimination is the final process, where you use subject strategies to reach the goal so that you can achieve it and reach excellent results on your way.
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