What are the disadvantages of e-commerce?

What are the disadvantages of e-commerce?

What are the disadvantages of e-commerce?

E-commerce is a fertile environment for retailers, which makes them ignorant of the negatives of e-commerce. Despite the many advantages of e-commerce, which led to the spread of commercial websites very quickly and in a short time, thus reviving the service of buying and selling via the Internet, but website owners must know the negatives that exist in commerce. Electronic, which we collect for you in the following lines.

Disadvantages of e-commerce

First: the absence of human interaction

The absence of the human element to interact with customers is one of the most important negatives in e-commerce, due to the desire of many customers to have interaction with store owners, especially when there is an inquiry about the product or there is a specific problem in which you need to speak with a customer service representative to find an alternative. A robot that responds to you via pre-prepared messages. This method has already caused many problems as a result of the electronic robot not understanding what the customer wants.

Second: Inability to inspect the product

The most important thing that distinguishes regular stores is the ability to preview products and even try them, which is what the online store lacks. Despite the availability of different techniques for describing and photographing the product, the advantage of previewing the product in a real way remains the most important thing that attracts customers.

Third: The large number of electronic stores

The ease of entry into the world of electronic stores has led to a significant increase in these stores, especially in the recent period, which has caused an increase in competition between these stores, and although this competition is in the interest of consumers due to the offers provided by electronic stores, this will result in a loss to the site owners along with The passage of time, which may cause difficulty in achieving profits and giving up on that in order to compete with other stores and attract the largest number of customers.

Fourth: Possibility Website hacking Commercial

One of the most important disadvantages of e-commerce is the security breaches of websites and the ability to know the details of customers and their credit cards, which constitutes a turning point in customer confidence in e-stores in general. Therefore, to gain customer trust, e-store owners must secure their store with adequate protection methods to secure Customer privacy, which is done through systems to encrypt and protect websites, such as the Lightspeed Payments system.

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Fifth: The length of the product’s shipping period

One of the advantages of regular stores, which the online store lacks, is the ease and speed of obtaining the product. All you have to do is go to the store and then go with the products that you have obtained. As for electronic stores, it takes a long time to obtain the product that you purchased, due to the use of external shipping companies. Because of this, it may take more than a month for the product to reach the customer, which causes the customer to lose his enthusiasm for obtaining the product.
There are some packages that arrive incorrectly due to shipping companies, which causes the customer to lose confidence in the store.
The last point regarding the negatives of e-commerce in shipping the product is the high shipping costs, especially if the shipping is from one country to another.

Sixth: Internet speed

The online store needs continuous interaction with customers, whether by downloading products or responding and dealing with customers, which requires good Internet service, which may not be well available for some store owners.

Seventh: The high cost of operating the store

Creating an online store is not expensive at all. You will not need a lot of money to create your online store, but managing the website may cost you a lot, as the website must be in constant contact with customers, which forces you, as an online store owner, to appoint someone skilled in managing marketing websites. To be an alternative for you in the event that you are unable to manage the site at all times, and to avoid this problem, you can use the platform To create an online store Like the EngShop platform.

With knowledge of the negatives of e-commerce, you can now avoid them or create ways to treat them and maintain the success of your online store so that you can maintain its continuity and compete with other stores.

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