An online store without owning dropshipping products in Jordan

An online store without owning products (dropshipping) in Jordan

With the increasing popularity of e-commerce and the emergence of the concept of dropshipping, it has become a... Electronic shop Dropshipping on Jordan An opportunity for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you do not have sufficient capital, or you find it difficult to store the goods of your Jordanian store, then drop shipping is the ideal solution for you in that it allows you to sell your products without the need to store them, or manage shipping and distribution operations. 

In this article, we have collected for you all the information you need about how to create An online store without owning dropshipping products Jordan.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping1 Drop Shipping is a method of online retail; It enables you, as a store owner, to sell products online without having to physically own the product. In this model, you only need to communicate with suppliers who will handle the shipping and delivery process directly to your final customer.

Drop shipping in Jordan can be divided into two types2 Two main ones:

1- Drop shipping on the ground: 

It is the traditional type of marketing; The buying and selling process takes place in reality by displaying real samples of products to customers. 

This type of drop shipping is considered limited in its ability to reach and target the audience and thus achieves limited profits. Therefore, most Jordanian merchants turn to virtual drop shipping.

2Virtual dropshipping

In this type, buying and selling operations take place through an online store created specifically for this purpose. 

Virtual dropshipping is superior to the traditional method because of the many advantages it provides, such as the ability to target correctly, reach wider segments, and achieve greater profits.

To choose what is best for you, you must determine the nature of your products, your market, your budget, the needs of your customers, etc. The good news is that Jordan gives you the opportunity to combine the two types and increase your profits with a little coordination.

The importance of running an online store without dropshipping products in Jordan

If you choose to create an online dropshipping store in Jordan, you have made a good choice because of the many advantages that Jordan provides to the owners of these stores.

The importance of drop shipping online stores in Jordan is highlighted in the following points:

  • Possibility of constant communication with suppliers and customers around the clock.
  • Ease of managing and obtaining profits with high honesty and confidence.
  • The ability to display a large number of products through your online store. 

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Profits of drop shipping stores in Jordan

The idea of establishing an online dropshipping store in Jordan is an ideal solution to generate additional revenues. The average monthly revenue of a dropshipping store is expected to reach between 70 dinars and 36,000 Jordanian dinars. 

The e-commerce market in Jordan is witnessing a significant growth in the number of international platforms active in the country, in addition to an increase in investments in current platforms, with an emphasis on the existence of great opportunities for entrepreneurship and achieving success in the e-commerce sector in Jordan.

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Advantages and disadvantages of opening an online dropshipping store in Jordan

Creating a free dropshipping online store in Jordan has advantages3 Knowing many things will encourage you to take this step, the most important of which are:

  1. It does not require a real store, and start via available dropshipping platforms.
  2. The store is merely an intermediary and a marketing link between the customer and the supplier
  3. It does not require large capital and can be started with simple equipment and low costs.
  4. It allows multiple suppliers, dealing with several parties, and providing different products to customers.

As for the disadvantages3 In the world of drop shipping, it is also inevitable that there will be challenges that have less impact if they are known before starting. Here are the most common problems in Jordan:

  1. Low profit margin.
  2. Increase in the number of competitors in the field.
  3. Difficulties in communicating with customers.
  4. Difficulty in building a brand.

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How to create an online store without owning products in Jordan

1.Choose the products and determine which ones you would like to display in your store

Make sure to choose your products carefully and in line with the Jordanian market and its needs.

2.Choose the appropriate suppliers to deal with

Who will you deal with to secure your products to your customers? Research carefully the suppliers of your products in the Jordanian market, then choose the best among them to deal with them.

3. Marketing the store

This step is considered the most important step in the e-commerce market to reach the required customer segment and increase the profits of your store. Competition in Jordan - like other Arab countries - is rapidly accelerating. Anyone who does not market his brand well will not be lucky.

4. Provide good customer service

How will you retain your customers so that they will return to you again and not to your competitors in the Jordanian market?

Customer service is key to retaining your customers by communicating directly with them, helping them solve their problems and answering their inquiries

5. Securing orders on time

Dropshipping store owners in Jordan are careful about the shipping process. Because they know its importance to the success of their business. Ensuring that your product reaches the customer at the correct time and with the required specifications creates a good impression on your customers.

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