How to choose the domain for your online store with the suffix of Jordan

How to choose the domain for your online store with the suffix of Jordan

The desire of Jordanians and the government to enter the world of e-commerce is increasing in light of keeping pace with global technological development. What makes your creation A free online store and choose a domain with the Jordanian suffix An effective way to start your business, enhance your presence in the local competitive market, and build trust with your customers inside Jordan. 

What is a domain? And how you can build A free online store with the Jordan suffix? What is the importance of appending the domain to this suffix? What are the steps to purchase the Jordanian domain for your digital store? This is what you will learn in today's article.

Domain Name definition

The term domain refers to a name that is used instead of addresses (IPs) to access various websites. In order to facilitate search for users, it consists of a set of letters, numbers, and some symbols that are considered the identifier for your website.

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Opening a free online store in Jordan

It is considered a choice A valid domain for your store It is essential to the success of your project, as the wrong domain may harm your brand and the search rankings of your site if you want to change the domain later. 

If you plan to open a free online store in Jordan, you must choose the code Jo  According to the English name for the country of Jordan, adding keywords related to your store’s sales category, and avoiding famous names.

What is the importance of creating a free online store with a domain that has the Jordanian suffix??

He provides  Create a free online store with the Jordanian suffix domain Many advantages for your store and for all companies targeting the market inside Jordan. Below we will review the most important of these advantages:

1- Establishing a local presence

 You can by using Jordan suffix for your online store Achieving an effective local presence and building trust with customers inside Jordan.

2- Improving results on search engines

Using the Jordan suffix will help your store rank higher in local search results, which search engines tend to prioritizeFor local domains When displaying search results to users in a specific geographic area.

3- Promote your brand

A domain name that includes the country name enhances your brand recognition and makes it easier for customers to remember and find your store online.

4- Gain customers’ trust

Customers often trust stores and businesses with a professional online presence, including websites with a custom domain name. So choose Domain with Jordan suffix For your digital store, it helps you build credibility and trust with local customers.

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Steps to purchase a domain with the Jordan suffix for your free online store

Steps to purchase a domain with the Jordan suffix for your free online store

There are many international web hosting companies in the Jordanian market that help you gain the trust of search engines and grow your online store. Below are some of the most important steps to open a web hosting company. A free online store with the Jordan suffix domain:

  • aChoose a web hosting company that offers free digital store building tools and domain registration services, such as Trinavo1 And  Wix And Shopify And WordPress And Magento5.
  • Register for an account and select Sm is a domain with the .jo extension It is the top-level domain for Jordan, keeping in mind that Jo domain registrations are usually not free.   
  • Choose a website template or design your online store using the tools provided.
  • Add products to Your online store With related details such as items, prices, and pictures.
  • Select payment and shipping options for your customers such as PayPal, with the possibility of payment gateways being integrated into some platforms.
  • Choose the domain name you want for your website under the extension
  • Link your chosen jo domain to your online store using your platform settings, but this process may vary depending on the platform you've chosen.
  • Test your store before launching, checking the design, product listings, shipping options, and payment processing.
  • Launch your online store and start promoting it through social media and other marketing channels.

Keep in mind that some platforms, although they offer free plans, are not completely free. Fees may apply for some services Such as limited features or transaction fees, which may require you to upgrade to a paid plan.

Trinafo is the best company to design and create a free online store in Jordan

Trinafa is the best company to design and create a free online store in Jordan

Trinafo is the longest One of the most prominent companies in Jordan that provides the services you need To create an online storeAnd me Professional and effective in Jordan They are:

  • Enables you to get professional technical support and a name Free domain High encryption, SSL protection, and premium hosting.
  • It provides high-quality customer support to help you solve any problems or questions that may arise during the design and development process.
  • The Trinafo platform allows you to customize Your online store To fit your brand and meet your unique needs.
  • It supports many features such as inventory management, payment processing, and shipping services.
  • It provides you with linking your store to online payment.

If you are thinking about entering the world of digital commerce, contact us and create your free online store in Jordan with Trinavo packages , and own Electro storeIntentionally With the suffix of the State of Jordan Complete in minutes, and suits every needtk

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