A free online store with the suffix of the State of Iraq

Free online store attached to the State of Iraq

There is no doubt that you are keen to make Your free online store A real investment that will achieve you a strong competitive presence in the digital market with ever-increasing profits, and that is why you are here!

In our article today, learn how to create Free online store With the suffix of the State of IraqAnd the importance of this step on your activity Steps to create your online store in Iraq, And What are the steps to purchase a domain with an Iraqi suffix? 

How to choose a domain name for your online store in Iraq

In order to save you time and effort, here are the most important steps that you must take into consideration when choosing  A domain name for your online store in Iraq:

1-Compatibility with your store activity

Search for a name Domain Expresses activity Your store and the services it provides within IraqIt motivates customers to enter and learn about its products.

2-Ease in writing and pronunciation

Stay away from choosing names that are complex and difficult to remember, and choose a domain name that is easy to write and pronounce and will be easily ingrained in the minds of your customers. There is no problem with using local Iraqi names.

3- Domain availability

Make sure that the required domain is available for the name you have chosen; A domain is an address Your online store website Through which customers can access your site.

4-Uniqueness and distinction

Do not choose a common domain name, and be sure to find a distinctive name that is different from the names of your competitors’ stores, especially within Iraq, so that it will be easier to remember. 

5-Cultural appropriateness 

Be careful not to choose a name Domain It contains prohibited words or violates Iraqi laws and legislation.

6- Consistency and continuity

Make sure that the name is compatible with your store's visual identity and logo. Take your time choosing it, as it is one of the elements that cannot be changed.

7- Pay attention to spelling errors

Make sure that the domain name is grammatically correct and free of any spelling errors, so that it is easy to search for without any confusion. 

8-Use keywords

Include a name the range Keywords that describe your products or services; Which reflects positively on your appearance in the first search results for customers. 

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The importance of creating a free online store with a domain that has the Iraqi suffix

Iraqi online stores are distinguished by having domains With “.iq” suffix With greater opportunities to be present in Iraqi marketAnd enjoy high credibility and reliability in the eyes of its customers inside Iraq, 

Here are the most important reasons why Creating a domain specific to the country of Iraq is important for your online store:

1-Improving search engine rankings

Search engines tend to display sites with...For local scope Higher in the search results, it must be Your online store The Iraq suffix means it will rank better in local search results, attracting more customers.

2-Enhancing credibility

The Iraqi customer prefers to deal with online stores that have similar... His country's domain; This makes him feel confident about the store and encourages him to enter and buy from it.

3- Achieve more sales

Enhances your range selection With an Iraqi suffix Your customers feel comfortable and safe, which reflects positively in attracting more local customers and achieving an increase in sales.

4-Increasing local competition

With the increasing competition in the world of e-commerce, designing... Your store The suffix of the State of Iraq increases your chance of being present in the business market and outperforming your competitors.

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Steps to purchase a domain with the Iraq suffix for your free online store

You could Buy a domain with the Iraq suffix For your online store, follow these steps:

1-Choose a domain registrar company in Iraq

There are many companies that provide services Domain registration The Internet in Iraq, but you still have to verify the credibility of the company and the quality of its services.

The most important of these companies are:

  • General Telecommunications Company1
  • Iraqi Information Technology Company2
  • The Iraqi Company for Hosting and Internet Services3

2-Verify domain availability

 Use the search tool on the domain provider's website to check the availability of your chosen name For your online store.

3-Create a new account 

If you're not registered with your domain provider's site, you need to create a new account to proceed and enter some domain-related information.

4-Pay the required fees

Completing the registration process requires you to pay a fee Domain registration Depending on the domain registrar, costs vary by company, so be sure to check and compare prices.

5- Confirm the registration process has been completed

After paying the fees, the registration process is confirmed, and the new domain is assigned toYour online store, and becomes available for use on the Internet


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1.General Telecommunications Company

2.Iraqi Information Technology Company

3.The Iraqi Company for Hosting and Internet Services

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