Stages of advertising production

Stages of advertising production

Stages of advertising production

Of all the strategies a marketing manager has, advertising is the most powerful and influential, and although new strategies have occupied the forefront of the list of marketing methods at the present time, advertising still maintains its position and its strong and exciting argument, with which it attracts attention. ConsumersEveryone remembers their favorite ad even years after the campaign ends, and creating the appropriate commercial for the brand is a multi-stage process, which we will explain in the following lines to learn about the stages of ad production.

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  1. Data collection

Before starting to produce and manufacture the advertisement, you must first collect information, know the client’s goals for commercial advertisements, the target audience, and know the final form of the advertisement. All of these points must be known and determined in the first stages of producing the advertisement. All the basic points of the advertisement must be known before starting to make it. And exchange different business ideas to reach the best possible result.

  1. Determine advertising methods

In marketing all media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor advertising, email and social media marketing channels are used to deliver advertisements.

  1. Advertising design and production

The third stage of advertising production is design. It is known that advertising is a visual representation of a product or service that is created and produced by advertising designers. The advertising designer designs graphics, logos, and symbols to be used in advertisements, in order to introduce consumers to the brands. .

  1. Determine advertising values

One of the important stages of production is giving the appropriate value to the advertisement. It is important to clarify the meaning that a brand wants to convey to the public, so the production team always seeks to understand and achieve the required production value and come up with the best image to describe the product, which requires understanding the look and feel that you tend towards. Your brand and do you need an advertisement that is serious or entertaining?

  1. Identify the main parts of the ad

You cannot produce an advertisement without specifying its main parts, from the title, illustrations, texts used, and even the signature. Texts, drawings, or illustrations are among the most important parts of advertising production, as they are the point that determines what the final form of the advertisement will be, whether the advertisement is cinematic, animated, or still images. Or even just a commentary, you need to define the storyboards and scripts that the production team will use as the basis for the ad.

  1. Determine the shooting location

One of the basic stages of advertising production is determining the appropriate place to film the ad, if the ad is made through natural photography of some places and people. Choosing the place you are shooting is essential and is determined on the basis of the text and business plan. An ad may need a specific location for an event. Or a cultural reference, or specific weather conditions, or a specific activity, but you must take into account when determining the place the budget specified for it, as you sometimes need to choose an effective alternative in the event that the budget does not cover the places and basic choices.

  1. Edit the ad

Now, after completing the previous stages, comes the ad editing stage. This stage is done by specialists in animation, composition, 3D tracking, and color correction, by professionals who cut, link, and dub to make the ad appear professional, and create complete harmony between all elements and stages of the ad before it is displayed. On screen, just as editorial professionals cut the ad into smaller outputs for social media or other platforms, now one can have an ad that is completely ready to run after the ad production stages are complete, and just waiting to be shown to the audience.

From this, we have learned about the stages of advertising production, from planning to completing the process and producing an advertisement for the various marketing channels. If you complete all the stages correctly, all you have to do then is wait for your brand to be published and widely known so that you can reap profits.

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