Stages of marketing development

Stages of marketing development

Stages of marketing development

Marketing seeks to enhance the brand and build trust and good reputation with customers, and these factors may be the basis of marketing in all eras since the movement began the salesHowever, marketing is not what it was before. It has gone through many different stages of development. What are these stages? What are the differences between marketing in the past and what it has achieved these days? This is what we will learn about by clarifying the stages of marketing development.

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  1. Marketing in the past

Although we are far from the past era, it still greatly affects marketing strategies at the present time. For example, if we look at the post-World War II era, we will find that marketing in this period reached the highest levels of prosperity.
However, not all the effects of this era are good. Companies relied heavily on advertising based on nostalgia for the past. The promise made by these brands at the time was that if you liked what you saw, tasted, or tried in the past, the product would always offer you the same thing in the past. The future, and if you use the product, you will be exactly like the person who appears in the ads, which led consumers to believe that these experiences would be infinitely repeatable and that these things would never change, but things changed, of course, as the generations that succeeded these people began The period was marked by the loss of the language of nostalgia for the past, and as a result the method of marketing changed to enter a new phase.

  1. Marketing the present

The second stage of the development of marketing is the stage of the present, which took one approach, which is more and more marketing methods, so that marketing takes control, supported by new jobs and higher income in addition to the presence of advanced manufacturing capabilities, so that the first rule of marketing becomes consumerism, and thus the belief was The first for marketers is that the best way to reach the consumer is to provide more information. This mistake directly affected marketing, as consumers are not equipped to receive a large amount of information at one time, so marketers have a new rule, which is that less is better most of the time.

  1. Marketing the future

The third stage in the development of marketing is marketing the future. With the turn of the millennium, companies have absorbed the lessons of the past, and have become convinced that consumers will not buy a product just because you talk about its features. They want to know the solutions that the product offers to their problems, in addition to the innovations that companies are preparing for the future in In light of the intense competition between companies, today's customers will not buy a product just because you tell them that they have to buy it. They prefer to direct their thinking and emotions around the products so that they can make purchasing decisions on their own terms. We can say that building trust and brand loyalty, which often has Little connection to the present, or even the past, is what works in this day and age. Consumers trust brands they believe will deliver in the future.

Marketing has evolved with the stages of work

After knowing the stages of marketing development over the different years, you must also learn about the stages of development that marketing has gone through with the different stages of companies’ work. The first purpose of marketing is to achieve the company’s goals. Below we explain the stages of marketing with the development of the company’s business.

  • Research stage and knowing the target market

One of the most important reasons for the success of a marketing strategy is identifying the target market and developing the product in a way that suits the market. Research helps you know which stage is the next stage of development, whether it is the stages of marketing development or the stages of product development. It helps you in this to know what the target audience desires and what are the reasons that motivate them. To make purchases, an important step is also to study the competitor and find out the ways in which they solve customer problems.

  • Awareness stage

The marketing launch phase should focus on messaging, product or service marketing campaigns, brand awareness, and audience engagement. Marketing can also define how and where you reach potential customers. This includes online marketing channels such as search engine optimization or email marketing, along with Offline, all of these points constitute the stage of the company’s transition to the public and building strong relationships with them, with marketing moving to an important stage within the stages of marketing, which is the stage of reaching the audience and dealing with it directly.

  • Specialization stage

The third stage in the stages of commercialization of the company and its own work is the stage of specialization, which is the stage in which revenues rise and the company begins to expand its activities and increase its investment, to develop with marketing and thus enter a new stage of marketing development, so that your marketing efforts focus on the relationships and experience that you want to create for your customers. You now have comprehensive data that can be extracted using marketing analysis tools, which can help you further personalize how and when you engage with existing customers, with the goal being to acquire more customers and improve satisfaction after interactions with your brand.

  • Maturity stage

During the maturity stage you will be at the forefront of your industry, offering a product or service that is widely used. Depending on your marketing strategy or plans, your marketing plan will need to address other issues, including considering strategic partnerships and acquisition marketing. Your marketing will enter a new stage of its development, which is the search for expansion and the best. In addition to maintaining your market share, you are also looking for new decisions and steps that must be taken to keep pace with the company’s development.

Therefore, the stages of shopping development depend on several factors, including the time periods that shopping went through, which had the greatest impact on the form and methods of marketing. The development of marketing is also affected by the development of work. As companies’ methods develop, marketing methods develop with them, passing through different stages that eventually reach the stage of marketing. Maturity and innovation of new methods and strategies.

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