The future of e-commerce

The future of e-commerce and what are delivery drones?

The future of e-commerce

The future of e-commerce is dazzling. Over the years, online commerce has grown rapidly and changed retail. This was enhanced after the new Corona virus pandemic, which forced the population to stay at home. Online shopping was the best option, but, with many... New technologies and developments in the industry E-commerce itself has undergone major transformations, and this is certainly just the beginning. Here we present some trends for the coming years, some of which are already part of our daily lives, but will become stronger.

The future of e-commerce

  • The spread of Internet access has leveled the retail playing field, making it easier for individuals and businesses to sell products without geographical restrictions.
  • To talk about the future of e-commerce, there's nothing better than starting with data and statistics, so let's get to it.
  • Supposed to reach $3.4 trillion in 2025, these numbers once again express that the future of trade is stable and there are no signs of falling.
  • With this growth, e-commerce sales are gaining more and more space in the retail market.
  • Growth opportunities will be greater if we consider the quantity and speed of technological advancement and digital transformation of society.
  • Physical organizations should take this into consideration and put in place a structure to bring their offline business to an online platform.
  • If they do not have an online presence, they will lose many customers, who are looking for an easy, fast and convenient purchasing process, from the comfort of home.

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What are delivery drones??

Delivery drones are definitely going to be part of the future of e-commerce, and it seems like a not too distant future.

Many companies, such as food, are already conducting tests with drone deliveries. Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has been developing its own drone delivery project since 2013. They thought it would start operating in some cities at the end of 2019 and would ensure the future of... E-commerce is doing well, but due to internal problems, the project is still under implementation.

You can get an idea of how it works. Drones are able to handle and automate shipping of different sizes, all without human intervention. The advantages of automated e-commerce shipping are many, here are some:

  • Speed in delivery time.
  • Reducing shipping costs.
  • Reduce accidents.
  • The reduction in human error is very significant.
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
  • customers satisfaction.

Currently, drones are the most talked about option for automated freight vehicles, but self-driving cars, which drive on their own, also make up the list of automated freight vehicles that are expected to be popular in the future. Pizza chain Domino's, on For example, I have already started delivering goods this way in Houston, USA.

Various payment options

  • Among our list about the future of e-commerce in the world.
  • Another strong trend in e-commerce is giving many payment options to the consumer, especially express payments, making the payment process easier and more flexible.
  • A virtual store that does not offer this variety on its website can reduce sales and even lose customers, because people who use... Paypal They can prioritize the stores that use them, while there are those who are more inclined to use Google Pay or Samsung Pay, who would definitely like to see such options available in their store.
  • Additionally, with the launch of PIX and advances in cryptocurrencies, payment methods are expanding.
  • If today it is necessary to provide several payment options, in the future this will be almost essential to stay competitive or not.

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Mobile wallet and app

  • When we talk about the future of e-commerce, it is not enough now to just optimize your e-commerce business for mobile phones.
  • You need to integrate mobile wallet functionality into your business website.
  • Additionally, you should consider launching a mobile app for your online business.
  • An easy-to-use mobile app is one of the core e-commerce tech trends in 2019.
  • With the increasing number of online shopping customers, buyers are realizing the advantages and adding the security of using a mobile wallet to pay for their online shopping.
  • This means that your mobile customers will expect to use a wallet to add the finishing touch to their online shopping.
  • Integrating a mobile wallet into your e-commerce will increase your sales.
  • It is more convenient for shoppers to purchase online using a mobile app, as it gives them a charming atmosphere.
  • Your mobile app is like a department store while your website is like a pop-up store.

Voice search and its role in the future of e-commerce

  • In the current world, we have a plethora of virtual assistants like Google Voice Search, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Viv, Google Home, and Siri.
  • These virtual assistants trained customers to use their voices in their searches on search engines, which began to fuel the future of e-commerce a long time ago.
  • Over time, voice search will be an important innovation driver for e-commerce.
  • Google has determined that more than 20% of mobile device queries are voice-based, and additionally, more than 40% of millennials do their research via a voice assistant.
  • You can describe voice search technology as a crucial step in ensuring customer loyalty.
  • The use of AI aims to understand the search query well and serve customers with the most appropriate answers/results.

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Product customization

  • Allowing product customization is becoming increasingly important and has become one of the crucial components in the world of e-commerce.
  • Additionally, product customization is one of the emerging technology trends for e-commerce businesses as well.
  • Because product customization makes customer purchases convenient, it can remove the hassle of online purchasing, meet the needs of today's buyers and ensure the future of global e-commerce.
  • Automation plays a pivotal role in customization of products/services.
  • For example, YouTube offers a recommended video playlist based on user behavior. The service becomes more personalized for customers through their usage patterns.
  • Many different companies around the world use the same process.
  • From entertainment selection and apparel to furniture, product customization has become more than just a trend.
  • Companies customize products to make their customers' purchases convenient for them.

Be prepared for the future

  • In the e-commerce sector, there are many exciting technologies that are yet to emerge in the future.
  • Mobile platforms will be part of the e-commerce business, and subscription services will have greater importance in the digital market.
  • There will be a leap forward in the way of marketing and product presentation.

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In conclusion of our article on the future of e-commerce, you need to make sure that your e-commerce website is ready for the future by integrating these technological trends with it. In case there are any missing features, you should adopt an alternative one as soon as possible. Get professional support on this. Contact us through our permanent articles if you are passionate about incorporating any of the latest technologies for your e-commerce businesses.


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