Standards for ranking the appearance of Google ads

Standards for ranking the appearance of Google ads

Standards for ranking the appearance of Google ads

The criteria for ranking the appearance of Google ads. Many users of the Google AdWords tool are asking why their own ad does not appear in the first result. This is what we will answer in today’s article in detail. Follow along, dear visitors.

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What are Google Adwords criteria for determining the order in which ads appear?

In general, the Google AdWords tool depends on 3 criteria that control the appearance of Google ads The order in which ads appear Google in search results, which are:

Quality points

  • The importance of strengths comes from its reliance on facilitating the user's search process through the search words he uses and their relationship to the advertisement.
  • The strengths of Google AdWords were used in ad classification in 2005 and have greatly helped the user in their search process.
  • Therefore, it is one of the most important criteria that Google relies on to determine the ranking of ads.
  • It is one of the variables that Google uses to classify all ads and calculate their cost by clicking on them.
  • It also determines the time and place of any advertisement and determines the price of the advertisement.
  • Indeed, it is one of the tools that helps you recognize the strength of the quality of your ads.
  • These points are used and designated in grades from grade No. (1) to grade No. 10.
  • They are determined based on the keyword used in the search.
  • The higher your ad's Quality Score, the more relevant it is to the search term that browsers use than any other ads.
  • Quality Score is calculated by Google to determine ad ranking based on the performance of three elements in an ad:

 Expected CTR:

Click-through rate (CTR) indicates the likelihood that an ad will receive clicks when it appears in Google search results.

Advertisement related to the research topic:

It means the extent to which your ad matches the user’s search, and this is the most important criteria for ranking the appearance of Google ads.

Using the search landing page:

This indicates that the landing page matches the search topic when the ad link is clicked.

What is the importance of Quality Score?

  • Quality Score is very important because Google AdWords determines this score when each keyword used in a search is related to your ad.
  • Quality Score, the higher its value, helps determine an ad's placement in terms of ranking and helps the ad appear first in search results and ahead of other Google ads on the same page.

Google ranks ads by formula using Quality Score, which is:

  • (Quality Score * Monetary value assigned to clicking on a website link).
  • In other words (bid * quality score).
  • This means that Quality Score is linked to and affects the value of a click.
  • So, the higher your ad Quality Score, the more it helps reduce the value of your ad exposure.
  • Which positively affects the user when he performs the search process.

What factors affect Quality Score?

  • As we mentioned previously about the criteria for ranking Google ads, ad quality scores are linked to the strength and relevance of the search process for your ad to ensure that the user gets the service or product he is looking for.
  • There are many factors to consider when setting up Google Ads.
  • All this using the Google Adwords tool to ensure high quality scores to ensure that your ad is placed at the top of the competition.

The following factors that affect ad quality scores are:

  • Try to get the highest score on the quality score scale from (1 to 10). The closer your ad is to reaching the top score of 10, the stronger your ad is.
  • Pay attention to the page the user enters when he clicks on your ad link (landing page).
  • In terms of its design, it is useful and closely linked to the search process to ensure a quality score and high ranking on Google.

What are the procedures for improving your ad's Quality Score?

  • It is clear from the above that the criteria for ranking the appearance of Google ads are based on a system and evaluations carried out by Google based on many factors that depend on the advertiser when he begins implementing his advertisement.
  • Including improving the quality of advertising, as we mentioned about the criteria for ranking the appearance of Google ads.
  • As well as working to improve quality scores.

Use keywords (keywords)

  • The most important and first factor that must be ensured that it is optimized well is the keywords used directly in the ad, whether in the ad title or in the ad description.
  • And make sure these words are directly related to the words your target audience uses when searching on Google to ensure your ad appears to them at the top of the rankings.
  • Also make sure to use these words on the page that the searcher will enter when they click on your ad link.

Website loading speed

  • You must ensure the quality and speed of your site when downloading and the ease of dealing with it.
  • This is because if the site loads slowly, the user will leave the site before the download is complete.
  • This means that he is not using the service or product you provided him, in which case the number of visitors to your site will be few.
  • Which means you lose your quality score, which makes Google not rank you highly with the rest of your competitor's ads.

Ad click rate

  • After ensuring that your ad contains keywords relevant to the search, the consumer will click on your ad link.
  • The better your site serves the consumer and helps them in the search process.
  • It is worth noting the higher the click through rate you will be guaranteed every time your ad appears in different searches among other Google ads.
  • Which contributes to increasing your quality score well, and thus Google evaluates your ad through these clicks as useful in searches and gets you a high ranking.

Target audience and geographical environment

  • When preparing your ad, you need to make sure you choose the right target audience and the right geography for that audience.
  • Because if you make a mistake with this choice, your ad will not get any clicks.
  • It doesn't serve the right audience, which lowers your ad's Quality Score and affects your ad's ranking.
  • Here's all the details on the strengths of Google Ads, and tips for improving them to ensure your ads appear first in the results.
  • We now move on to learn about the rest of the criteria according to which Google AdWords determines the order in which ads appear in search results.

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Ad classification

  • The third criterion that Google AdWords relies on to determine the order in which ads appear in search results is ad rank.
  • Ads are ranked from highest quality to lowest after bidding. The ranking process through Google depends on several factors:

offer price

It is the price that the advertiser sets for a click on his ad. Here, Google knows the maximum amount that can be paid, and the offer can be changed at any time.

Ad quality

  • Google looks at your ad to ensure its quality and relevance to the search and website linked to that ad.
  • In addition to whether or not the ad will benefit the user during the search process.

Ability to compete in the auction

  • As it is possible for two ads to have the same chance of obtaining the highest ranking among Google ads during the search process.
  • Here, the higher ranking ad wins, which can pay the advertiser a higher cost per click to ensure an edge over the competition.

User search context

Because of their importance in determining ad ranking, the words and phrases used in the search process, the type of device used, and the actual time during the search process are checked.

Enter additional information for the ad

  • This information is the phone number or any other links that may interest the user during the search process.
  • This information affects the ranking of your ad by Google Adwords It helps place it higher among all other ads.
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