Realestate Website

If you are a real estate owner and want to create a platform to manage your business from, Trinavo Real Estate is the solution..

Introducing Trinavo Real Estate: the ultimate solution to establish your business instantly! With our comprehensive range of modules, you can easily customize the look and feel of your business and manage your properties with ease. And through mobile applications and POS systems, you can start taking orders and selling directly from day one. So start taking the steps towards success with trinavo realestate today and create a reliable online presence for your business!

Everything you are looking for in one place, Trinavo Real Estate offers a range of properties such as:

  •  An unlimited number of real estate units 
  • Free custom domain for 1 year 
  • Ready-made templates for your real estate website 
  • No commissions or hidden expenses 
  • The possibility of registering customer data for real estate activity 

With Trinavo Real Estate, creating your website is easy – just go to the Create Your Website Now page, enter your properties, including homes, residential units for rent and ownership, and your own lands. You will be able to spread your business and reach the largest possible customer base 

The site consists of several modules that make it easier for you to manage it effectively. Among these modules are:

1- Real estate management unit of various types, with multiple options to control the property’s details, types, and choices.

2- Customer data registration unit or customer relationship management unit.

3- Languages and Translation Management Unit.

5- Multi-currency unit and automatically convert prices between currencies.

6- Reports unit and review them in graphic or statistical form.

7- Unit of powers and control of user access according to business requirements.

8- Providing real-time conversations (Chat) within the application between customers and sales employees

9- Advertisements, alerts, offers and other units of the Marketing Department.

This system is characterized by its flexibility and ability to expand and develop according to the customer’s needs to meet his requirements in the best possible way.

This real estate website management and monitoring system is designed for ease and simplicity, avoiding complexity and providing technical assistance and support when needed. In addition, it provides control mechanisms to easily customize your site and add your unique touch to meet your design needs.

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