Will artificial intelligence beat graphic designers?

Artificial intelligence graphic designers

Can artificial intelligence replace graphic designers?

Prepare Graphics design It is one of the most important fields of creative work today. The demand for it is increasing because humans are visual beings, they receive information faster through the image, as the image can summarize thousands of words, and this is the responsibility of designers of visual materials, from creating the idea of the image or logos, and what follows. From coordinating menus and colors, broad website titles, and other visual production processes, through which communication is made with the target group in an attractive and effective manner, and here the role of graphic designers has emerged in our digital age after the appearance of display tools in our hands throughout the day.

Artificial Intelligence is an inevitable supportive partner in the visual design profession.

Well, creativity requires alternative or imaginative thinking skills and creating new and unique ideas to present something new, which requires the creative person to look at things from a different perspective and the ability to transcend traditional boundaries, and here lies the question: Can a computer do this?

The ability of artificial intelligence cannot be mocked anymore, especially after it has become a part of our daily lives, the simplest of which are voice assistants and facial recognition technologies in our smartphones, navigation applications, marketing automation, and communication with customers. It has become capable of cognitive sharing, visual and linguistic communication, all of this has become part of Its ABCs, in addition to the enormous amount of data, have become available to software robots, to analyze and process it to obtain new information or idea, which paved the way to push the limits of artificial intelligence to the maximum extent in science, marketing, experiments, and also creativity.

As a result of this, voices criticizing this step emerged, after it became recognized that artificial intelligence can threaten the income of segments of people in many jobs, especially routine, repetitive and boring ones. However, now this hot topic is assessing the ability of artificial intelligence to replace humans. This is even in jobs that require human art and creativity, most notably the graphic design profession. Therefore, many business owners and design professionals are turning with open and focused eyes towards following what artificial intelligence may achieve, in the fields of artistic professions in general, and graphic design in particular. We will present in Our article: What artificial intelligence has achieved in the field of graphic design..

Seek help from major commercial companies to design promotional campaigns

This was actually achieved in 2017 when a marketing campaign was implemented to sell 7 million jars of Nutella through artificial intelligence.

It is a promotional project called “Nutella Unica”, in which the Nutella company employed artificial intelligence through a special algorithm, with the aim of designing 7 million unique covers for each jar of Nutella. These designs reflect the characteristic of pleasure as the most important characteristic of the product, through the bright design of the cover, which reflects love. Italian people stand for diversity, celebrating excellence by owning a jar with a unique and unreplicated packaging. Indeed, it was completely sold in Italy within a month, with many videos appearing on social media sites celebrating each consumer’s own jar. Artificial intelligence was able to design millions of covers without repetition, according to what was required for the visual identity of the campaign and the product together, and according to the goal of the marketing campaign. Customized for each consumer individually when he chooses his preferred cover.

Criticism should be directed towards commercial companies for abandoning humans rather than criticizing artificial intelligence

Amid widespread fears and criticism of artificial intelligence, professional opinions, especially for graphic designers, are moving toward not worrying about designers losing their jobs and having artificial intelligence take over them completely, because its weak point still lies in its inability to listen to customers, empathize, and evaluate the situation and results. Artificial intelligence cannot frame the problem. Then find solutions for them, and most importantly, artificial intelligence cannot consider the impact of the final result on the target audience, but human graphic designers possess those important elements in the stages of creative thinking and presenting it to the world in the correct way, and this is what must be realized by both business owners and professionals alike. whether.

In short, it can be said that artificial intelligence will not replace graphic designers, but it can complement some creative idea of a human designer, and enrich the work of designers, especially beginners. Many designers have already begun to use artificial intelligence to be their partner in their artistic works, in which the creativity of the mind is integrated. Human interaction with computer creativity, and many sites and programs have emerged that allow graphic designers to describe an idea, or present a design to be reformatted or drafted with amazing accuracy and speed, while preserving the required artistic element, the most prominent of which, for example, is the truly interesting “Midjourney” robotic program. .

Artificial intelligence supports graphic designers and is not a competitor to them.

Some design work can take a long time and effort, and years of learning and practicing drawing professionally through design programs, and even for small design tasks that can accumulate on the designer, here comes the role of artificial intelligence in enhancing the efficiency and speed of designers. Cooperation takes place between them under The designer's supervision and artistic flair while processing and executing the required work, freeing up the designer's valuable time to focus on the creative thinking of the work, while the artificial intelligence carries out the hard work of the design.

In view of the growing role of artificial intelligence today in professions that require creativity, it must be recognized that computer tools have greatly supported this art since the invention of the personal computer, and contributed to the spread of the graphic design profession, and provided it to many artists in terms of facilitating drawing tools and techniques for the purpose of creating paintings, and improving The images are at the level that the designer desires, which contributes to shortening the designers’ time for creativity.

This goes beyond the role of artificial intelligence today, in addition to the above, as it contributes most effectively to enriching the designer’s artistic work through the process of analyzing data and algorithms, by providing suggestions to the designer to modify the image according to multiple models to choose from or to combine many ideas, and certainly the designer has the freedom to choose what to do. He will have the final work, as he is the one who has the first and last opinion in the process of design and project implementation, and this is what is offered by many online platforms that are available to everyone, even ordinary people outside the field of design, the most important of which is the platform Midjourney.

What do I have Midjourney For designers?

This bot is growing in popularity, offering custom AI software to generate images from text descriptions.

Based on the experiences of many, Midjourney offers a wonderful level of artistry and superior image quality, with utmost accuracy and logical and supportive ideas, all of this in a record time that saves designers years of science to reach the artistic creativity of this amazing robot, according to the opinion of a number of design professionals who started They actually use it in their work and projects.

Midjourney can, with artistic competence, create images and paintings based on textual descriptions, that is, it embodies and applies the ideas presented through a textual explanation to the user, and therefore it relies on what is called “Data Training”, that is, continuous learning. The more data is provided, the more the program is able to provide results. Better based on the process of training the data available on the Internet, which has become huge in our digital age, and processing and linking it together to produce logical visual content.

Some designers also use it for fun to predict the future of something by asking it, and provide their prediction by analyzing news and data in their chronological order on the Internet, which makes it an open source program, or the designer can submit his drawing to be redrawn with higher artistic accuracy, and provide suggestions for modifying it.

The platform was launched on July 12, 2022, and is the beta version of the site, and those responsible for this program are constantly working to improve its algorithms.

How does AI view human designers?

Despite many criticisms of this program, its founder, David Holz, believes that artists are customers and not competitors of MedGourney, in addition to the importance of this program in the ability to design several quick prototypes to present to customers before starting work themselves, with the advantage of including artists’ works to protect their work on the site. Copyright.

Some of the achievements of artificial intelligence of Midjourney..

After being tried and admired by many artists, the Midjourney robot was used by the British magazine “The Economist” to design and create the front cover of the magazine for the June 2022 issue in Italy.

Midjourney’s artificial intelligence program also won first place in the digital art precedent in America, for the image of “Opera Theater,” which we will show to you so that you, dear reader, can learn about the artistic ability of this program.


Finally, returning to the question: Does artificial intelligence prevail over graphic designers?

The answer is probably no. Technology should not seek to replace the creative experience of humans, especially in the field of graphic design. Rather, it provides an opportunity to deepen human communication with the computer so that they become one entity. This is the destiny of both of them in the digital and robotic age, through... Enriching and enhancing the experience, to draw focus towards providing the best for this world that increasingly and continuously requires imagination, creativity and innovation. Here, artists can easily maximize their potential, through his artistic expertise, and the computer’s ability to analyze and learn from the available data. The machine cannot replace the creative spark of the human brain. , but it can definitely take art to the next level.



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