Social media tools for content planning

Social media tools for content planning

Social media tools to plan your content

Most digital publishers in 2021 realize the important role social media plays in editorial marketing and reader engagement. With so many social networks to publish content on, it's important to stay organized and have a solid plan for what – and when – you'll publish on each platform. Just as posting the same content across multiple channels is not the ideal approach, social media tools make it easier to develop and schedule content that will resonate with users in each individual channel.

Social media tools to plan your content

What does every major project need? Plan While there are certainly times to improvise, social media strategy shouldn't be left to chance. Try these social media tools and templates as you plan your content.

Social media templates help publishers standardize and optimize their posts. It's not uncommon for top publishers to have multiple templates for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest. Anyone on the staff can use the templates, so your social media posts keep them organized. Uniform format, tone and overall appearance.

Scheduling templates are a separate type of social media templates. Digital publishers can use them almost everywhere. Scheduling templates look a lot like specialized calendars, with space for the day, date, and time that tweets (or other social media posts) are scheduled, along with the content of each post. Pre-scheduling social media content using a calendar template is one way publications can ensure their posts are seen by the widest possible audience.

Social media templates are widely available online and are usually free to download. Publishers can also create their own social media templates from scratch using a tool like Excel or Google Sheets.

HubSpot Social Scheduling System | Complimentary

• We are talking about social media tools and templates to plan your content and if you are looking for a social content template, look no further.

• This free Excel template offers character limits, a customizable calendar, and features that even the most organized marketer can appreciate.

• In fact, we have already started using this model for our internal social strategy.

• Without a doubt, this template is probably more advanced than the average B2B company needs, but it can be easily configured and as I mentioned it is free.

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• It is one of the best tools for collaborating, publishing and measuring social media content.

• Built specifically for teams, the Loomly platform includes a content library where publishers can securely store and manage assets, along with a robust workflow for approvals.

• Advanced analytics are useful for publishers who want to measure the performance of posts across channels as well.

Animoto Animoto

• Every marketer’s 2021 to-do list should include creating more videos.

• If you're not ready to make big money as a videographer yet, Animoto is a great way to try your hand at video.

• To use Animoto, you need images, PowerPoint-style bullet points, and easy-to-use video audio.

• No hair, makeup or lighting needed.

• However, if you are looking for a “live action” video that shows you talking into the camera, this is not the tool for you.

GIF images

• Speaking of social media tools and templates for planning your content, no matter how you pronounce “GIFs,” there’s no doubt that these video snippets are entertaining.

• You've seen them in everything from emails to blogs, but social media is where these little videos have really made a home.

• As the name suggests, it lets you Easily create and edit your own GIFs.

• There are many easy-to-use features that allow you to crop a video, add text, and add other customizable functions like stickers.

• To get unlimited GIF storage and remove the watermark, you need to upgrade to the premium version for $7.99 per month.

• But this would be a great tool for marketers who want to test the GIF waters before making the investment.

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Ghost Browser

• Ghost Browser bills itself as a “productivity browser” aimed at social media managers with multiple clients or profiles (and these days, who doesn't manage at least one LinkedIn profile and one Facebook profile).

• This tool allows you to log in to any website with multiple accounts from one window.

• I recommend using a social scheduling tool like Hootsuite to schedule social posts in advance, rather than manually publishing content on the day.

• But if you find yourself monitoring social profiles or logging in and out of accounts to make changes on a regular basis, this can be a great time-saving tool.

• I also really like the ability to link some website pages to tasks.

• For example, if you have a goal to check your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles on a weekly basis, these tabs can open automatically when you work on that specific task.

Storeo for Instagram 

• Storeo can “be used to record a video of any length and then ‘automatically’ chop it into 15-second spots per IG limits.”

• The iTunes description also states that this tool allows you to:

1. Stop worrying about the 15-second countdown timer, and instead, focus on what you want to say.

2. Easily tell an Instagram or Facebook story longer than 15 seconds.

3. Shoot a long video without holding down the record button.

4. Turn pre-edited videos into stories

Instagram. 5. Create Instagram and Facebook stories from a single video.

• Unfortunately, this app does not appear to have an Android version.

• The cost of removing the watermark is $9.99.

• However, with a 4.5-star rating, it might be worth a try if your business creates Instagram videos frequently.


• Is your team looking for a better task management platform? Trello is a popular solution used by many digital publishers.

• Trello's task management and content scheduling capabilities are hard to beat for those who regularly dabble in social media marketing. Users can quickly visualize what content is being viewed across different social media channels using the full Trello calendar view.

• Social media managers can also use task cards and flexible boards to plan their to-do lists and manage ongoing campaigns.

At the end of our article on social media tools and templates for planning your content. Now that we've reviewed the most useful social media tools and templates, it's time to experiment. Try a few different platforms, or combine features from multiple tools.

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