10 ideas for starting a free online store in Egypt

With the change in purchasing mentality in Egypt in recent years, and the greater trend towards electronic marketing compared to traditional marketing, business owners began working to expand their business activity and transfer it to the Internet by creating a free online store in Egypt.

In this article, we discuss the specificity of the Egyptian market with regard to electronic commerce, the most important factors that you should consider if you are seriously thinking about electronic commerce, and finally suggestions of the most important ideas that will help you start your business online.

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The privacy of the Egyptian market when opening a free online store in Egypt

The e-commerce market in Egypt is characterized as one of the most promising markets in the Middle East and North Africa region with a sales volume reaching 80 billion pounds, according to the Egyptian Internal Trade Development Authority.

This prosperity in the Egyptian market is due to the significant increase in population Exceeding 100 million people, and active tourist movement throughout the year. Most importantly, there are many advantages that the Egyptian electronic market has, superior to other markets.

The most important of these features are:

  • Government measures encouraging investment in the e-commerce sector. 
  • Factors supporting the growth of e-commerce in Egypt, such as the increasing use of mobile devices and the availability of high-speed Internet.
  • Reduced overhead costs for Egyptian companies operating in the electronic market because they do not need facilities and offices. 

10 ideas for starting a free online store in Egypt

Firstly, it is useful for you to know that the electronics and media field constitutes the largest percentage of sales at 22.5% of Egyptian e-commerce revenues. Followed by clothing sales at 22.0%, food and personal care at 20.3%, furniture and appliances at 17.6%, and toys, hobbies and crafts at 17.6%.

Did these numbers encourage you to implement your idea and transfer your activity to the Internet? You certainly did, so here are the 10 best ideas that have proven successful in the Egyptian market for you to use in order to start your online store with confidence:

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1- An online store dedicated to handicrafts

1- A free online store dedicated to handicrafts

If you have manual skills such as carving sculptures, making jewelry, etc., you can exploit your skills and start your small project online.

2- An online store for antiques and heritage

One of the most important things that distinguishes Egypt is its rich historical heritage that attracts tourists from all over the world. You can invest in this untapped wealth, and launch your own online store specializing in providing records, heritages, and heritage works, and earn profits from it.

An online store for antiques and heritage

3- An online store for natural care products

One of the profitable ideas for an online store in Egypt is to offer skin and hair care products. It would be nice if you were also a specialist in this field, then you could provide consulting services via the Internet. With the use of correct marketing methods and strategies, you will be able to enter the competitive market forcefully.

Online store for natural care products

 4- An online store that sells baked goods

Egyptian cuisine is famous for its diversity, and its richness in many popular dishes that top all Egyptian tables. Invest your knowledge or skills, if you are a fan of cooking and cuisine, in opening an online store in which you provide meals and dishes to a wide segment of customers inside Egypt.

An online store selling baked goods

 5- An online store that sells pet supplies

Many Egyptians want to raise pets, but they find it difficult to obtain all their supplies. Make their need an opportunity to start your business, and create an online store that meets their needs and brings you a monthly income.

An online store that sells pet supplies

6- An online store for educational programs and their sale

Collect your scientific knowledge in educational programs and books with high-quality information, and present it online to those searching for knowledge, as it is a way that enables you to continuously make money even after years have passed.

7- An online store providing fitness services

You can create a free, private online store similar to an online sports club by providing consultations, lessons, and exercises for a certain fee, provided that you are specialized or contracted with specialists in sports and fitness at the very least.

 An online store providing fitness services

 8- An online store specializing in website design

Focusing on creating unique websites gives you a greater chance of becoming a recognized expert, which will increase your income for the services you provide.

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9- An online store for catering and serving foods

Catering companies are more flexible than others, especially regarding location or pricing and can operate 24/7. This type of work is a suitable option for starting your e-commerce business.

10- An online store to provide advice in the field of marketing, sales and finance

Do not miss the opportunity to launch your online store if you are an expert in a field such as marketing and sales. You can provide your knowledge in the form of consulting services and even online training workshops to a large number of clients, individuals or companies.

Trinafo is the best company to design and create a free online store in Egypt

Trinafo is the best company to design and create a free online store in Egypt

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