10 tips for photographing products with your mobile phone

10 tips for photographing products with your mobile phone

Tips for photographing products with your mobile phone: Products and brands are promoted only online and through images only, so the best way to present yourself and your product and have a great impact on your brand is to photograph products with your mobile phone, and thus online sales will increase with professional product images, all of these The tips we will talk about in the following lines in detail EnglishShop.

10 tips for photographing products with your mobile phone

We will mention in the following lines tips for photographing products with your mobile phone:

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Understand your equipment and your phone's capabilities

The biggest drawback of mobile phone cameras is their limitations, as companies are forced due to the small size of the phone to limit many of the available options, such as changing the aperture installed in smartphones, or the shutter speed.

Although some newer phones now allow control of shutter speed, the options available on all phones are Exposure and ISO options.

Thanks to app developers, if the company doesn't provide you with some of these options, another camera app like FV-5 Camera can be installed to bypass the company's limits.

Understand the options that apps have

To produce a professional image or PhotographyYou must first go through a number of stages, the beginning of which is of course taking the photo, even though the camera sensor is the same.

The options provided by each application may produce slightly different images. Options for controlling focus, exposure, and lighting levels will also vary from one application to another.

Then comes the modification stage. Do not believe that professional photographers take pictures while they are displayed in front of you, they first go through a number of changes and applications, perhaps the best of which is Adobe Lightroom.

If you prefer something simpler and follow tips for photographing products with your mobile phone, the Google SnapSeed (Android – iPhone) app will do the trick. The most important advice here:

Always take photos as accurately as possible to give better results when editing.

Adjust the lighting correctly

This tip is important, whether you're using a phone or a professional DSLR camera, as the aperture is relatively small and needs light to pass through, and what better option than the sun! The important thing here is that you set the exposure appropriately.

If you increase it too much, you will lose some detail – the clouds in the sky will turn completely white, you will get a dull image and less color contrast.

Do not use the camera flash

The advice you'll hear from professional photographers is to leave your camera flash as a last option, as getting the right lighting from an external source is always the best option.

Here's the surprise: you may need to use your camera flash when the light around you is brighter than you need the flash in the dark! Using flash in the dark makes the light in the photo bright and annoying.

Use a photo frame

Of course, I don't mean those weird frames that some apps provide, but rather the environment in which they are shot.

Use a window, mirror, bridge end, or marker. These are the best tips for photographing products with your mobile phone. The intention here is to partially insert a non-essential element into the image to sort out the framing composition that focuses the view on the main subject of the image.

Change your perspective and try different angles and locations

Simply go out of your way and don't be afraid. Try different angles of the same thing, lie on the ground or climb a tree. Cameras have become small to take advantage of these subjects. This change in angles may provide you with better images than you originally expected.

Additionally, you can get very close to a small object, so it will appear larger and the background will be out of focal length, giving the photo a greater aesthetic, according to tips for photographing products with your mobile phone.

Try colorless images

Although we are now in the twenty-first century, colorless images are still among the most beautiful types of images, as they are able to convey the idea deeply and powerfully. Sometimes to see the subject of the image in an abstract form of color, a large amount of inconsistent colors may distract the viewer. .

In addition to all of that, this method can be used when editing an image that has a lot of digital noise, or an image that is not well exposed. The advice here is to always shoot in color, and then if you want to convert it to black and white during the editing process.

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There is no problem with cropping the photo after taking it

Many people who take photos think that they should get everything they want in the photo the first time, or that they should not resize the photo. This is definitely wrong, and the best approach here is what is generally recommended.

The image must contain “margins”, that is, leaving spaces outside the main subject of the image, and then cropping it as desired. The benefit of this method is that we always have more freedom, as we avoid mistakes that may later force us to crop part of the image.

Use portable camera accessories

In the first place, use the tripod or tripod bases for phones to obtain stable images, then come the lenses that can be attached to the phone camera, which provide many advantages such as “macro” photography, that is, photographing small objects at close distances, or Long range lenses.

But it causes bending on the sides of the photo, and if you are trying to shoot small products, we recommend you use a product photography box, which will provide you with a small studio that will make your photos more professional.

Take more than one photo

This is an advantage that digital development has given us, as we have an infinite number of images that we can take, unlike older cameras that used development films.


In the end, we talked about 10 tips for photographing products with your mobile phone for every business owner looking for these tips, in order to use a mobile phone to photograph the products of his business.

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