Turkish Papara Card

Turkish Papara Card

Turkish Papara Card

Trinavo offers the possibility of linking with the Turkish Papara Card, so we have dedicated this article to explain what the card is and how it is extracted and used as a payment method in our store

What is the Papara Card

 Papara Card is one of the e-payment systems designed to facilitate the online payment process, In addition to managing all banking systems through one card, the card allows purchases from all websites and electronic stores, whether inside or outside Turkey, and allows transferring funds between the accounts of all Papra subscribers

 Papara card is similar to the other bank card in efficiency and ease of dealing with it, and it can also be extracted using the Internet with a validity period of 10 years

How to open a Papara account

To get the Papara card, you must first open an account on the bank’s website, by going to the official Papara Bank website or their app, Choose to open an account and follow the registration steps by typing your name, email and phone number and entering a strong password, then you will get an account with Papara Bank

Create a virtual Papara card

After creating an account, you will have the possibility to extract a virtual Papara card, also through the official website, Log in to your account on the website, and then choose Papara Card, Then click on Add New Card, to be able to extract the default card, The card will be send to the previously registered home address in a period not exceeding 10 days, and the card must be received in person upon sending to sign the papers sent with the card

Papara Card Features

The Papara card offers its users a wide range of features, the most important features are

The card does not need to deposit a large amount of money to be able to receive it-

The possibility of using the Papara card to pay in many websites and online stores, including our store, Trinavo, Multiple discount offers of up to 50% are also given when you are paying with this card

The card also offers the benefit of transferring funds through a phone number or email-

Are there any fees charged when using the Papara Card

The first purpose of the Papara card is to buy online and pay private bills, where it is preferable not to use them for major financial transactions, It is also recommended not to transfer large amounts through this card

Although transferring money from one Papara card to another does not deduct any fees or commission, withdrawing from an ATM may require a small fee, as for withdrawal and commercial transfer fees of more than 5,000 TL. Or its equivalent in other international currencies, Or in the case of receiving money transfers from 5 or 10 different people, the fees for these transfers are fixed and estimated at 3.40%

The level of security and protection in the Papara card

It is not possible to use the Papara card without using its information, which requires its users to keep their information and to keep the password and data of the bank card that is used to withdraw money from the ATM

Therefore, Papara Card is one of the best cards that can be used for e-payment and online shopping, Because of the offers and discounts you offer when you pay with them in one of the electronic stores, and you can take advantage of these discounts now when you use them in the Trinavo store

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