Trinafo is the best online store design company in Jordan

The best online store design company in Jordan - Trinavo

After making the decision to open a free online store, the search for... The best online store design company in Jordan It guarantees you a professional online store with which you can confidently enter the world of e-commerce in the Jordanian market, as one The basic steps in creating your online store in Jordan.

In order to save you time, we have collected for you in our article everything related to free online store design companies in Jordan, starting with the criteria for choosing the design company, and the steps for opening a free online store in Jordan with the Lah application that Trinavo - the best company follows. A free online store design company in JordanAnd its packages regarding this service, and finally a list of the most famous companies designing free online stores with an application in Jordan, in addition to Trinafo.

How to choose a design company and create a free online store with a payment gateway in Jordan

Many entrepreneurs are following new trends in website design Free online store Using e-commerce platforms, as it represents Choosing the right company to launch your online store is an essential component of the success of your business and taking it to broader horizons.

Therefore, it is advisable when choosing An online store design company in Jordan Consider the following points:

1- Right price

Choose The company that combines quality service and reasonable price.

2- customers service

Also look for the company in light of its response to developments, its keeping up with everything new, and its interest in the opinions of its customers and solving their problems.

3- Support and training

Make sure that you choose a design company that takes care of the details and does not limit it to designing the store, but rather provides sufficient training for you and your team on the store’s control panel and follows up with you through continuous training and free consultations on how to manage the store.

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The top 5 companies designing and opening a free online store in Jordan

In this list we review the top 5 Companies creating and designing an online store in Jordan:

1- Trinavo company

Trinavo is a leading company in designing and developing online stores in Jordan, and is distinguished by its many services that help you in... Free online store design in Jordan.

Trinavo is the best company for creating and designing a free online store in Jordan

Its most notable features are:

  • The variety of services it provides includes technical support, maintenance, search engine optimization, and integration with payment gateways, social media platforms, and others.
  • Fast response and attractive designs.
  • The security and reliability of your store; It is secure with an SSL encryption certificate and protected from security breaches.

2- Woocommerce platform 

WooCommerce platform One of the most popular open source e-commerce solutions, it is a free plugin for WordPress, through which you can...Sameem is a free online store Ready to use and sell directly online. The platform is criticized for requiring payment to download some add-ons, and it may be difficult to use for those who do not have experience with websites. However, its most important advantages are:

  • Completely free.
  • Compatible with smartphones.
  • Open source.
The WooCommerce platform is a WordPress add-on that helps open a free online store

3- Opencart platform

OpenCart It is a free, open source e-commerce platform that allows you to create andFree online store design On the Internet to sell products and services, but it is not your best option if your store is large because it becomes slow in displaying products, and you do not have sufficient technical knowledge.

OpenCart is a platform that allows opening and designing an online store for free

The OpenCart platform features:

  • Supports multiple payment and shipping methods.
  • Provides customizable templates.
  • It can be customized and extended through the use of plugins and modules.

4- Magento Arabic company

Magento Arabic A website specialized in creating and designing stores and launching electronic stores in Jordan. It is suitable for large-scale stores and activities, and is expensive in terms of programming and development.

Magento Arabic is a website specialized in creating a free online store in Jordan

Among its most important features:

  • Professional services at good prices that do not require a huge budget.
  • Support multiple languages, including Arabic.
  • A control panel for each customer, a ticketing system, technical support, and follow-up to respond to any inquiries or comments.

5- Makani Company

The Makani platform is specifically designed to help you develop your business in the e-commerce market in Jordan

Makani platform specializes in developing online stores

Among its most important features:

  • Zero commission on sales.
  • Direct linking with various electronic payment companies.
  • A special team of consultants specialized in marketing and e-commerce.

Why is Trinavo the best company in designing a free, professional online store in Jordan??

With Trinafo, there is no need to worry, as your online store will be born at the hands of experts in designing and developing free online stores in Jordan.

Trinafo is one of the most prominent companies that provide this service Free online store design in Jordan With professionalism that makes it superior to its competitors.

We review the 5 most important features that make Trinavo the best:

1. Excellent customer service

Trinafo provides technical support service around the clock to meet the needs of its customers in Jordan, and to address any problems they face immediately.

2. Providing multiple payment options

Trinafo provides the service of linking the online store with all local and international payment gateways within Jordan, in addition to undertaking the linking process with any new payment method for free.

3. Ability to customize store design

Trinavo gives you the ability to control the look of your store to suit your needs and the requirements of your store activity In line with the Jordanian market

4. Easy to use platform

Trinavo is keen to give your customers a positive experience when they shop in your store by designing your store with a control panel that is clear and easy to navigate, in addition to displaying a correct description of the products, and ultimately ease in dealing with shopping carts.

5. Integration with social media

Trinafo provides the service of linking your store with social media platforms in order to expand your store activity and promote your services and products to a wide and diverse segments of current and potential customers.

Steps to open a free online store in Jordan with Trinavo?

Create a free online store in Jordan by following the simple steps shown here the video, Or contact the Trinavo team to take care of the task on your behalf.

Trinafo packages for designing a free, ready-made online store website in Jordan

Trinavo provides pricing plans that suit all budgets. Whatever your budget, you can contact the Trinavo team to Free online store design in Jordan And launch into the market.

You swear Trinavo packages into four sections:

  •  Free package With great features that include: unlimited number of products / unlimited number of orders / unlimited number of customers / rating and reviews feature, etc.
  • Monthly package For only 15$ with many features such as: linking with electronic payment, linking with delivery companies, and real-time statistics.
  • Semi-monthly package In the amount of 80$ with advantages: social networking links, advanced reporting, multiple languages (Arabic, English..), and multiple departments.
  • Annual package For an amount of 150$, among the features offered by this package are: high security, SSL encryption, exporting and printing all reports to PDF, an unlimited number of trademarks, and others.

Trinafo is the leading company in creating and designing a free, professional online store in Jordan

Trinafo is your best choice when you decide Free online store design in Jordan Professionally; It guarantees you the best results with its expert team in everything related to electronic stores in the Jordanian market.

You may find it difficult to design your online store, and for this reason Trinavo is here to provide you with all the support you need until you finally get the best free, professional online store design in Jordan that guarantees you the success you aspire to.

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