The best electronic payment methods in Qatar

The best electronic payment methods in Qatar

The best electronic payment methods in Qatar

Electronic payment is characterized by its complete legal protection, which makes it the best and most trusted method for people who carry out multiple financial transactions. The spread and multiplicity of online payment methods has contributed to the spread and strengthening of electronic merchants in all countries, including the State of Qatar, which has provided many electronic payment methods to facilitate Its citizens must make purchases and payments easily and in complete safety. Below we explain the best electronic payment methods in Qatar.

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Electronic payment methods in Qatar

The State of Qatar provides several different methods for electronic payment, in order to facilitate the purchasing process for its citizens. To learn about these methods, follow the following lines.

  1. Payment service For payment solutions

The importance of applying SADAD for payment solutions comes as it is one of the best electronic payment methods in Qatar, as it was one of the steps taken by officials in the country, to create a non-cash economic system, for the sake of the country’s future vision to keep pace with the development of the global economy, and to assist e-commerce. On the growth, the application is considered one of the best and most secure means of payment in Qatar, and one of the features of the application is the ease of transferring payments at any time through the application that is installed on the mobile phone.

  1. SkipCash platform

The Skip Cash service is the second method on the list of the best electronic payment methods in Qatar, as the platform provides a set of services and features, the most important of which is facilitating the electronic payment process in a safe manner, whether for individuals or companies. The platform comes with a license from the Central Bank of Qatar, and the platform provides its own application through which it provides... There are two systems, one for individuals and the other for merchants. The application is easy to download and use, as it comes with a simple and organized interface that is easy for everyone to use. Through the application, you can follow all the financial transactions that you perform on the Skip Cash platform, whether payments or expenses. The application also provides a special section for store offers. Various options through which you can shop with complete ease, in addition to giving users the opportunity to view discount coupons offered by stores. The application also gives multiple prizes to users, and the application provides the service of identifying various points of sale and the products they offer.
The platform also provides several services to merchants, the most important of which is giving merchants the ability to receive payments through the application without the need to own special devices, in addition to the ability to collect all data and identify consumer trends, which contributes greatly to enhancing the growth process.

  1. invoice platform

The Fatora platform contributes significantly to the development of the money transfer system, as it is one of the most important electronic payment methods in Qatar. The Fatora platform has greatly contributed to moving the digital economy systems and promoting the growth of e-commerce within the country of Qatar. The Fatora platform is characterized by the ease of making payment operations both within the country. Or outside it, the platform is also subject to legal oversight, which guarantees all rights for all parties, whether the seller or the buyer.
The Fatawa platform offers a range of services, including exchanging money from the platform to other global platforms such as PayPal and Visa Card, in addition to the ability to collect and receive money from credit cards and various electronic wallets. The platform also provides the extraction of invoices for each customer and sending links to these invoices via the Internet such as WhatsApp or mail. Email, Facebook, or sending it in the regular way via text messages.

  1. QPAY portal

This portal is one of the latest electronic payment methods in Qatar. The portal provides a set of features and services, the most important of which is providing the purchase service using debit cards. It is the only payment gateway that provides this feature, as it allows debit card holders to purchase from various shopping sites. The portal also features a level of security. It is very advanced and high, as it provides a different secret number feature for each payment.

  1. Noqodi Company

Noodi Company is one of the most important electronic payment companies in Qatar, as the company provides a range of online payment services with ease and complete security. Noodi Company offers three different systems, where each system comes with different features than others.

  • Noqodi Pay system

It is one of the Noqodi network systems that provides a set of electronic payment solutions, with support for all online payment methods. The service also provides the receipt of funds from all other payment systems, whether through bank cards, electronic wallets, or various bank accounts.

  • Nodi Pal system

It is an electronic wallet that can be used with ease for electronic payment to all different shopping sites. Money can be deposited into the wallet through several methods such as credit cards, PayPal electronic bank, or through debit cards.

  • Noqodi Express system

It is a new system to keep pace with mechanized economic development, where payments are made through self-service machines, through which all types of payments can be sent, and all different services can be purchased.

From this, we find many electronic payment methods in Qatar that offer a wide range of services and features, which contribute significantly to the development of the local economy, and contribute to spreading and promoting e-commerce.

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