The importance of marketing information systems

The importance of marketing information systems

What is the importance of marketing information systems? The marketing information system, or what is known as the marketing information system, is a system that collects, stores and analyzes marketing data, and also transmits that data to managers and people who need it, as it is one of the most important methods used in dealing with data created by research companies or business owners. We explain all these details on the websiteย Trianvo.

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The importance of marketing information systems

The importance of using marketing information systems lies in the following:

  1. Help keep internal groups up to date on tasks.
  2. Facilitating the process of communicating with external research companies.
  3. Continue to use the data in the future because the data remains stored in the system.
  4. Assistance in making strategic decisions.
  5. Providing information related to the marketing and sales departments on an authentic and reliable basis.

Components of a marketing information system

A marketing information system consists of three components:

  • Data that can be analyzed using the system.
  • Computer hardware and software that collects data, analyzes it, and creates reports.
  • The output system that distributes reports to decision makers.

Types of data in marketing information systems

A marketing information system is designed to be able to handle data that comes from multiple sources, and all data used often falls into one of the following four categories. The importance of marketing information systems is as follows:

Acquired databases

The databases obtained provide marketing, sales and consumer information in huge quantities, and these can be accessed and used at low or sometimes no cost.

Examples of such databases are government databases, which provide economic information about individuals, groups, and companies. Businesses of all sizes can integrate these rules into their marketing information system and use them to assist in the marketing decision-making process.

Company internal data

It is data extracted from sales and marketing activities within the company, which is sent to the marketing information system, processed, and converted into useful reports. The process of integrating the marketing information system with the intranet can also be done to assist in the process of reaching the relevant internal or information departments. Even the staff.

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Marketing investigations

It is the use of intelligent information systems in marketing-related work, as this helps in obtaining information related to the target market environment. By monitoring competitor websites, trade or industry publications, and market observations of employees and managers accessible through market information.

As well as business, talking to customers, potential customers or distributors, or through secret shopping operations, where all the data collected is entered into the organization's marketing information system for use in the decision-making process.

Market research

It is information extracted from authorized and specific research reports, and that information is collected from secondary research or new primary research. The more specific your marketing research information is about a company's business environment, customers, and competitors, the more it determines the company's value.

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