The cost of creating a free online store in Egypt in detail

The cost of creating a free online store in Egypt in detail

As a result of the tremendous technological development, many project owners and entrepreneurs have turned to the Internet to launch their businesses by establishing electronic stores, so our article today will be about The cost of creating a free online store in Egypt

The approximate cost of creating and designing a free online store in Egypt

Different The cost of setting up an online store in Egypt Depending on the companies on the one hand, and the design style, type of packages, and required specifications on the other hand

1- The cost of designing an Egyptian online store using special programming

Ranging The cost of creating an online store in Egypt using a special programming language For example, Laravel ranges from 12,220 to 30,000 Egyptian pounds, so that the cost varies depending on the companies, the contents of the store, and the way it is designed.

2- The cost of creating a free online store using WordPress with WooCommerce

Different The cost of creating an online store in Egypt using WordPress with WooCommerce From one company to another, the average cost is 12,220 Egyptian pounds.

3- The cost of creating and building a free online store on Trinavo

In previous years, Trinafo Company worked to provide the best services at the best prices to suit all segments of Egyptian society, especially owners of small projects and manual professions. It provided many packages at competitive prices for implementing free and ready-made online stores in Egypt, with costs ranging from 458.25 to 6,110 Egyptian pounds.

This makes Trinafo your ideal choice to start your online store immediately in Egypt due to the speed of completion and acceptable cost, especially for small projects.

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Elements of the cost of setting up your online store in Egypt in detail

The cost of establishing an online store in Egypt does not depend only on the cost of creating and designing the store, but also extends to many additional costs associated with goods, shipping, marketing, etc., and this cost varies according to the size of the business and its requirements, starting from $100 and reaching millions of dollars. Below we will learn about the most important elements related to creating an online store:  

1- The cost of licensing the online store in Egypt and the necessary legal procedures

Since October 2018, establishing websites in Egypt requires a legal license granted by the Supreme Council for Media RegulationThe cost of an online store license amounts to 50,000 Egyptian pounds, which is paid in exchange for obtaining a tax record in Egypt.

In order to legally create an online store in Egypt, you need to obtain some licenses and permits, such as a tax license and commercial registry, according to the recommendations of the Supreme Media Council.

To obtain a tax license in Egypt, you must follow the following steps:

1- Submit an application to open an online store from the Supreme Media Council and obtain the necessary license.

2- Enter the Supreme Council for Information and Registration website, then fill out the electronic form with the required information and documents.

3- Pay the necessary fees amounting to 50 thousand pounds, which can be paid at several sites affiliated with the Council, and the amount will be placed in the account of the Supreme Council for Media.

After completing these steps, you can obtain the necessary tax license to legally establish an online store in Egypt.

2- The cost of hosting the online store in Egypt

 Providing hosting for your online store on a specific server is one of the most important steps necessary to build your online store in Egypt, and the cost of hosting varies from one company to another depending on the capabilities and degree of security. The cost of hosting for services and support ranges from $500 and more, which is equivalent to 15,299.15 Egyptian pounds.

3- The initial capital cost of online store products in Egypt

The feasibility study of the electronic commercial project represents a practical trial period for the project with an average duration of 6 months that may extend to 12 months, which is an obvious matter when thinking about any new commercial business. The initial capital cost is one of the basics of this feasibility, which depends on several factors, including the place of manufacturing. The cost of a locally manufactured product differs from an imported product.

Knowing the initial capital cost of a store's products requires only simple calculations, for example:

 The cost of setting up the store is $1,000 and the monthly expenses are $400 for an 8-month trial period. All you have to do is multiply the monthly expenses by the number of scheduled months, and thus you need $3,200 in operating expenses, adding the start-up cost, so the total cost becomes $4,200.

4- The cost of shipping and delivery channels for online store products in Egypt

Goods shipping prices are related to many factors, including shipping companies, whether local or international, and the quantity of goods, whether one piece or in bulk. We distinguish two types of shipping costs:

  • The shipping cost per piece ranges from 40 Egyptian pounds to 80 pounds and varies according to weight and other factors.
  • The shipping cost for bulk goods ranges from 300 to 700 Egyptian pounds per 50 kilograms and varies depending on the weight and dimensions of the shipment or package.

5- Costs of purchasing goods

The purchase price of goods is affected by multiple factors related to their types and method of purchase (wholesale/piece). The average price of clothes in the case of bulk purchase starts from 5 to 50 Egyptian pounds per piece, while in the case of purchasing clothes by piece, the price starts from 60 to 500 Egyptian pounds per piece.

 Without forgetting the store’s operating costs, represented by employee salaries and the costs of advertising campaigns, whether electronic or street advertisements.

6. The cost of monthly government taxes in Egypt on electronic stores

 It is a fee imposed by the Egyptian state on owners of projects based on the Internet, such as stores, websites, and content creators on YouTube and other social networking sites that generate profits for their users. The Egyptian Tax Authority has opened registration for companies that wish to work in this way so that they can be identified. Estimating the annual taxes incurred by each of them.

The tax value is calculated according to the net profit, meaning that the tax value increases and decreases according to the final profit. This tax is called value-added tax, and it is the tax imposed by the Egyptian government on any project whose annual profits are estimated at 500 thousand pounds or more annually, collected from the final consumer.

That is, the electronic store tax in Egypt is collected every time the product is sold again, and its value is estimated at 14%. On all e-store products, Noting that there are some goods exempt from this tax3 Such as paper products, petroleum, mill products, etc.

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How to reduce the cost of creating your free online store in Egypt

We must mention that Trianvo It is the best company to reduce the costs of establishing your online store because of the features and facilities it provides, as well as the fast and professional technical support and the experienced work team.Rah

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Trinavo is the best company for creating and designing a free, professional online store in Egypt

Team work Trianvo To develop its services to suit the current economic conditions that the world is going through in general and Egypt in particular, represented by the great inflation that Egyptian society is experiencing, with the aim of supporting emerging projects and owners of manual professions. It provides you with a free online store that features a number of features, the most important of which are:

  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Unlimited number of requests and clients
  • Rating and reviews
  • Instant chat feature
  • Multi-currency support
  • Real-time statistics
  • multilingual
  • Security, SSL encryption and other features.

Regarding the cost of creating your online store, you do not need to pay any costs, as the store is completely free unless you want to obtain a license from the Supreme Media Council, in which case you will need to pay the licensing fees or taxes incurred. Create your free online store in Egypt with Trinavo packages.. See... Trinavo packages To design and create electronic stores in Egypt

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