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Jordanian youth have recently turned towards entrepreneurship and e-commerce. It was necessary to organize these businesses in the Kingdom, which has become an option in light of global economic changes and the shift to digitalization in a way that supports the national economy and achieves rapid development.

If you are interested in creating a free online store in Jordan, this article will be your guide to knowing everything you need about Legal procedures for establishing a free online store in Jordan (2023)Starting from obtaining licenses and the commercial registry, all the way to the approximate cost and the most important authorities approved for issuing these licenses.

Free online store license in Jordan

Any commercial activity needs to be documented so that it becomes official with government agencies, avoids legal problems that you may encounter in the future, and regulates the relationship between you and your customers later.If you are asking yourself the following question:

Is it difficult to license electronic stores in Jordan?

The answer is no, because Jordan has identified a set of regulations governing the opening process Commercial Record For electronic stores, and starting in the field of digital trade and investment in the Kingdom, there are clear procedures and information available through the official government websites, and the Jordanian Ministry of Trade and Industry explains the legal conditions necessary to obtain the required license.

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The importance of legal procedures for licensing a free online store in Jordan

help legal procedures To license Online stores To enhance electronic commerce activity and achieve economic growth in the local and regional Jordanian community. The importance of these procedures lies in several points, the most important of which are:

  • Providing a fair work environment: A commercial license ensures that you practice your activity in a regulated and fair competition environment that guarantees both your rights and the rights of the consumer.
  • Follow up on tax matters related to commercial transactions:: A commercial license prevents your online store from falling into tax evasion due to the presence of specialized committees in monitoring and following up on stores or electronic pages.
  • Ensuring transparency and integrityObtaining a legal license for your online store achieves a high level of transparency and integrity in business operations
  • Enhancing confidence among consumersBoost Commercial licenses Trust in your website is reflected in an increase in the number of your permanent customers.
  • Legal protection: A legal license protects your digital store from legal accountability, complaints and potential problems in Jordan
  • Business expansionLicensed online stores can expand business in Jordan to better increase their revenues.

Steps to obtain a free online store license in Jordan

Steps to obtain a free online store license in Jordan

It requires an operation Licensing your online store In Jordan, submit a request to the Jordanian Ministry of Trade and Industry through the following steps: 

  • Obtaining the commercial register from the Jordanian Ministry of Trade and Industry by submitting an application in this regard along with the required documents such as personal identity, tax certificate, and industrial license, if any.
  • Obtain a municipal license for your online store from the local municipality in your business area in Jordan
  • Register for sales tax at the local tax department.
  • Determine the location of your official residence by submitting the necessary documents such as personal identification, residence certificate, and electricity bill.
  • Obtain a work permit from the relevant government department if you employ workers in your online store.

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Extracting the commercial register for an online store in Jordan

Obtaining the electronic commercial register is considered one of the legal procedures necessary to license electronic stores in Jordan through the Ministry of Economic Development’s website.

The documents required to obtain an electronic commercial register in Jordan

The papers required for extraction vary Electronic commercial register In Jordan, depending on the type and size of your business, the following are some of the documents required for most commercial activities: 

  1. A copy of your national ID or your partners’ IDs.
  2. A copy of your tax card or your partners’ cards.
  3. A copy of the lease or ownership contract for the place where the online store will be operated.
  4. Permission from the security services in Jordan in the event of operating the online store in a residential area.
  5. The completed electronic form is available on the website of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply.
  6. Required extraction fees.

Steps to extract an electronic commercial register in Jordan

The most important steps for obtaining the commercial register are as follows:

  • Enter the website of the Ministry of Economic Development.
  • Create a new account.
  • Pay the required fees through the website.
  • Send the required documents, such as personal identification and rental contract, if the project is rented through the website.
  • Issuance of the electronic commercial register after reviewing the application and documents.

Commercial registration fees in Jordan

are linked Commercial registration fees In Jordan, the type of commercial activity and the size of the company were determined  Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply According to Law No. 18 of 2018 regarding commercial and industrial licenses, as follows: 

1. A fee of 10 dinars for traders who have a capital of less than 20,000 dinars.

2. A fee of 20 dinars for traders who have a capital of 20,000 dinars and less than 30,000 dinars.

3. A fee of 30 dinars for traders who have a capital of 30,000 dinars and less than 50,000 dinars.

4. A fee of 40 dinars for traders who have a capital of 50,000 dinars or more.

5. A fee of 5 dinars for issuing a merchant registration certificate for the first time.

6. General agency fees of 5 dinars or private agency fees of 2 dinars (if using an agency).

7.A power of attorney fee of 27 dinars if the power of attorney is submitted by a lawyer.

  You can contact the competent Jordanian authorities to verify the current fees.

The 4 most important free online store licensing offices in Jordan

4 free online store licensing offices in Jordan

There are many offices specialized in completing legal procedures And issuing licenses for electronic stores. Here are the 4 most important licensing offices in Jordan:

1- Fikr Law Firm and Legal Consultations

Prepare  Fikr Law Office One of the most prominent offices specialized in the field of companies and...Electronic store licensingHis most important services in this regard:

  1. Registration of companies of all types and purposes.
  2. Providing legal advice to companies, including the company’s contracts with third parties and employment contracts.
  3. Following up on all company transactions at all ministries and government departments in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

2- Al-Atassi Law Firm and Legal Consultations

It is considered Al-Atassi's office One of the leading offices in law and legal work in the Kingdom of Jordan, Al-Hashemi is distinguished by:

  1. Providing the best legal services to clients while fully adhering to quality standards by adopting the best methods in providing these services.
  2. Providing a team of corporate lawyers specialized in everything related to corporate affairs and registration.
  3. Achieving customer satisfaction by matching the quality of service provided with logical and reasonable costs

3- Lawyer Alaa Al-Shawara’s office

Characterized Alaa Al-Shawara's office He is a pioneer in law and legal work with long experience through:

  1. Owning a team of highly qualified lawyers with long experience in all regular and private courts of the Kingdom of Jordan.
  2. Registering companies, setting their internal systems, and all the legal work that individuals and institutions need.
  3. Providing services and legal work with high professionalism.

4- Osama Amer Al-Masry Legal Services Office

He presents the desk All consultations and services related to companies and individuals, and the services provided include:

  1. Establishing and following up on all types of companies.
  2. Licensing and managing commercial activities and buildings.
  3. Concluding legal consulting contracts for companies.

Trinafo is the best company to design and create a free, professional online store in Jordan

Trinafo is the best company to design and create a free, professional online store in Jordan

Create your free online store in Jordan with Trinavo packages ..See Trinafo’s packages for designing and creating electronic stores in Jordan. Prepare Trinafo is the best choice For entrepreneurs to design and develop online stores, through Trinavo you can achieve:

  • to have A professional online store and creating it in a way that keeps pace with technological development.
  • Professional technical support andlegal aid It gives your business legitimacy in the Jordanian and international markets.
  •  Build a strong digital identity for your brand at reasonable costs.
  • Excellent performance that allows you to surpass all competitors.
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