The best payment gateways for online stores in Jordan (a detailed guide)

The best payment gateways for online stores in Jordan 2023 - Trinavo

It appeared recently Payment gateways Electronic With the transition of most services in the world to the digital system, most entrepreneurs in Arab countries have begun to move towards electronic activity and rely on such means in their financial dealings. The Queen of Jordan is at the forefront of countries that support various groups of electronic payment methods.

Find out in today's Trinafo article Steps thatShA free online store in JordanAnd the specifications of the ideal payment gateway, and learn how to choose the best one for your store, and what are the best of these gateways in the Kingdom?

Steps to create a free online store in Jordan with a payment gateway

It requires creating a free online store in Jordan With the payment gateway, you follow the following steps:

1- Choose an e-commerce platform

You can use one of the free e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce AndShopifyOr seek the help of a trapTrinavo To help you design your free online store.

2- Register on the e-commerce platform

Create a free account on your chosen platform, fill out the personal information on your personal account and confirm your email address.

3- Choose the payment gateway

Select one of the electronic payment gateways available in Jordan that supports local currencies such as Payfort And HyperPay

4- Set up the payment gateway

Select the payment gateway account settings providing the required information such as bank account details and contact information.

5- Linking the payment gateway to the online store

Fasten Payment gateway for your online store Then activate it so you can receive payments from customers.   

6- Add products

Add the products available in the online store and specify prices and discounts, if any.

Specifications of the ideal payment gateway for online stores in Jordan

Quality varies Electronic payment gateway in Jordan  Depending on the requirements of the online store. Here are some basic specifications that you should pay attention to when choosing one of these gates:

  • Supporting local currencies in circulation in Jordan, such as the Jordanian dinar and the US dollar.
  • It provides security and protection features in the payment gateway to ensure the safety of financial transactions and protection against fraud and hacking.
  • Ease of use, allowing users to complete transactions easily and conveniently.
  • Provide flexibility in configuring fees, discounts, and integration with other platforms.
  • Compatibility with different e-commerce platforms and applications used in your online store.
  • Costs match the size and scope of your online store and payment gateway. 
  • Providing customer support service on the payment gateway to provide assistance and technical support in the event of problems.
  • The payment gateway adheres to the local and international terms and conditions of e-commerce and provides the approved electronic certificate for e-commerce in Jordan.

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How do you choose the best payment gateway for your free online store in Jordan?

Make sure to follow the following steps when choosing A payment gateway for your online store in Jordan

  1. Determine your payment gateway needs such as supported currencies, fees, discounts, and integration with other platforms.
  2. Look for gateways available in Jordan that support local currencies and local clients.
  3. Read ratings and reviews of the portals you are interested in to find out the experiences of previous users.
  4. Check the level of security available in the portal and whether it provides protection against fraud and hacking. 
  5. Evaluate the costs associated with usage and expected fees and compare them with other portals.
  6. Review the customer service available on the portal and ensure the availability of technical support and assistance in the event of problems.

Do not forget to ensure that the payment gateway is compatible with other platforms used in your online store, such as e-commerce platforms and various applications, and also that the chosen gateway adheres to the local and international terms and conditions of e-commerce.

Reasons for choosing more than one payment gateway for online stores in Jordan

There are several reasons that may prompt you, as an online store owner, to benefit from more than... Electronic payment gateway Of which:

  1. Providing multiple payment options that enable you to use the option that is most appropriate for you, which increases the probability of completing the purchase process and motivates more customers to purchase.
  2. Reduce the rejection rate that may occur due to technical or credit card issues in one of these channels, so you can use another payment gateway.
  3. Benefit from additional payment options that some payment gateways may provide, such as payment upon receipt or payment in installments.
  4. Improving the competitive position of your online store and achieving an increase in purchase rates.

The best electronic payment gateways in Jordan

Jordan made available all Electronic payment methods for electronic stores Whether through applications or electronic portals, which provide very easy services with complete protection for receiving and transferring money, here are the most important of these portals:

1- Zain Cash

It is an application Zain Cash One of the first Payment methods for electronic stores in Jordan Via mobile phones, its services extend to all electronic shopping sites inside and outside the Hashemite Kingdom. Among the most important features offered by the Zain Cash application are:  

  •  Electronic payment feature for schools and universities
  • Possibility of recharging balance for all mobile phone networks
  • Pay various bills such as electricity, communication bills, and water bills
Zain Cash application is one of the first payment methods for electronic stores in Jordan

2- UWallit wallet

Prepare a wallet UWallet It is one of the electronic payment methods in Jordan that provides its services through the mobile phone, and the most important services provided by this wallet are:

  • Money transfer service for all people with receipt of salaries
  • Deposit money with possibility View your account balance through the UWallet application at any time.
  • Pay all utility bills, including electricity, water, communications, and fines
UWallet is one of the electronic payment methods in Jordan

3- Your dinar service

Another means of electronic payment in Jordan is an application Dinarak, which is also subject to the supervision of the Central Bank of Jordan. Through the application, you can do the following:

  •  Transferring and receiving money in addition to paying for purchases.
  • Pay bills and make payments for goods and services
  • Perform almost any financial transaction on your mobile phone and without the need for a bank account.
The Dinarak application is another means of electronic payment in Jordan

4- AyaPay service

application Aya Pay He is one Electronic payment methods In Jordan, which supports payment for all electronic stores and shopping centers in Jordan

  • Transfer and receive money safely
  •  Different payment of bills and recharging the balance while paying violations 
  • Sending and receiving your money transfers to and from anywhere in the world 
The Aya Balk application is one of the electronic payment methods in Jordan that supports all electronic tags

5- MEPS wallet

Come National Meps Wallet  Under the license of the Central Bank of Jordan, it provides a range of electronic payment services such as:

  • Pay for online purchases from local and international online stores
  • Withdrawing medium-sized loans from private financing companies
  • Dealing with commercial sectors and providing services and solutions that are compatible with their business


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