Saudi Mada Network for electronic payment

Saudi Mada Electronic Payment Network

Saudi Mada Network for electronic payment

Trinavo offers the ability to link with Mada cards to easily purchase through the store, so in this article we will explain all the details of Mada cards, and it is mentioned that the Mada network is one of the most important Electronic payment methods Available within the payment mechanisms within our store.

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Mada Payments Network

Mada network is the new and updated version of automated payment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which operates with the international payment system and standards at bank teller machines and points with one central system in which work is done via the bank card, whether in local transactions within the Kingdom or within any country in the world.

How Mada works

The mechanism by which the Mada card works does not differ from other bank cards. However, it is distinguished from other cards in that it provides a wide range of services, the most important of which is the ability to withdraw cash from all automated teller machines, in addition to the ability to purchase products through machines available in shopping centers or stores. .

Mada network features

The mada card did not reach this fame and expansion of use just because it is an electronic payment card, but because it carries a large number of features that made it the best card in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which prompted us to add it as one of our payment methods in the Trinafo rum. Among these features are:

  • The card provides a huge capacity to outperform other previous cards
  • Possibility of use in all countries of the world
  • It is also characterized by the speed of completing automated payment operations, in addition to the security feature, which is achieved by activating notifications to the Mada network to inform the customer of any transaction made through the card.
  • The ability to make purchases up to 200 thousand Saudi riyals
  • The Mada network also provides the ability to collect cash amounts from stores participating in the network’s services
  • High level of protection and safety standards

Mada service pay. pay

Mada Network has launched a new service for smart phones, which includes the NFC feature, which enables service users to pay by pointing the phone to the payment device. Mada has designed a special application for phones, which allows customers to save all their banking data in one application, and through it they can make the payment process. For electronic stores, all you have to do is pass your mobile phone over the payment machine to complete the purchase and transfer money. This service is also available inside and outside the Kingdom.

How to use Mada? pay. pay?

You can use the Mada Pay service and benefit from all the features it offers by activating the application on your smartphone by following the following points:

  • You must first know that the application runs on the Android system
  • The phone must support the NFC feature
  • Having a bank card from a Saudi bank subscribed to the Mada network
  • Download the mada pay application from Google Play
  • After downloading, open the application and follow the operating steps inside the application
  • Finally, make sure that the phone is connected to the Internet

Mada service features pay. pay

The service is characterized by the feature of encrypting information and preserving privacy, with virtual numbers that work instead of the original card numbers, and these virtual numbers are automatically deleted when a malfunction occurs on the phone screen.

Therefore, the Mada service is one of the best electronic payment methods that is characterized by a high level of security and privacy, in addition to its ability to link all bank cards in one application. Thus, you can use the Mada service to complete purchases from our Trinavo store to enjoy an easy and fast purchasing process.

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