Fawry company and the possibility of linking with Trinafo stores

The possibility of linking your store with Fawry Company

Fawry company and the possibility of linking with Trinafo stores

He presents Trianvo The possibility of linking with Fawry Company. In this article, we will explain what Fawry Company is, how to use it to pay online, the services it provides, and the partnerships that Fawry has established with stores andCommercial websites.

Fawry Company

It is an Egyptian company that provides electronic payment services to individuals and other companies. The company provides a network of 100,000 sites, in addition to a group of other services such as paying bills and recharging the balance. It is mentioned that it is one of the most successful companies in a short period, before it was... Acquired by a British company.

Services provided by Fawry Company

Fawry Company offers many services for payment through it, including:

  • My Fawry service

It is one of the company's services, and this service helps in paying bills and subscriptions, through Visa and MasterCard cards, and although the company only accepts Egyptian credit cards, the My Fawry service can be used from outside Egypt provided that you use cards obtained from a bank. Egyptian.

  • Service is immediate

It is a service directed to women, and it was launched by Fawry in 2018. This service aims to help women enter the financial market, as the service helps in paying bills, receiving and transferring money, in addition to the online payment feature, in addition to other services provided by the company, such as the ability to Payment via automated teller machine, commercial outlets or mail, and the ability to send money to all people who do not have an account in the Fawry service, in addition to the ability to book flight tickets, pay fines and renew a car license.

  • DAY immediate service

It is a service for individuals to purchase online, as this service provides a set of solutions for those who deal with commercial websites, whether they are large sites or small sites, so that people can buy the products they want through the websites and pay through Fawry.

  • Bill payment service

It is an independent service provided by Fawry in order to facilitate its customers. Through this service, you can pay your bills to government agencies, such as electricity bills, telecommunications and Internet bills, and university fees.

  • Payment method is through Fawry for purchases

With the spread of online shopping, it has become necessary to have electronic payment methods, so Fawry has allocated an online payment service for all purchases and websites. This is done by choosing the Fawry service when completing the online payment process, and a text message is sent to confirm the process through a code to make the payment. Through it, which saves a lot of time and effort for the customer and the website, Fawry also entered into a partnership with the Jumia website, which is the most famous website in Egypt and the Arab countries, and this partnership has contributed to facilitating the purchasing and payment process for customers and consumers.

The advantages that Fawry has

Fawry is distinguished by a set of features that make it the first company in online payment in Egypt, and these features include:

  • Fawry is one of the safest companies to receive and send money
  • Providing several services to facilitate the payment process
  • The ability to deposit and withdraw funds through automated teller machines and post offices
  • Book flight tickets to any country in the world
  • Possibility of donating to various organizations and hospitals

How to subscribe to the Fawry service

Subscription to the Furry service by shop owners or companies requires a set of important papers and steps:

  1. Submit the commercial register, tax card, and license to practice commercial activity
  2. Paying a sum of money for insurance on Jihad is an immediate payment
  3. Wait until you receive the service, which may take a maximum of 10 days.

From this, we have explained another method of payment in our Trinavo store, which is the Egyptian Fawry service, which enables you to pay online for websites and electronic stores, including the Trinavo store.

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