PayTabs Saudi electronic payment company

PayTabs Saudi electronic payment company

PayTabs Saudi electronic payment company

He presents Trianvo The possibility of linking with PayTabs cards. In this article, we will explain what PayTabs cards are and the features that the company offers in terms of secure transfer of funds that ensure easy payment and maintain privacy and security.

PayTabs Saudi Arabia Company

Many companies and online stores face a problem in receiving payments safely and quickly, which makes them look for solutions that facilitate the process E-Payment In addition to maintaining privacy and security, which is what PayTabs Saudi Arabia offers:

  • It is an emerging Saudi company whose purpose is to facilitate payment operations
  • It was designed in an innovative way to provide the seller and consumer with modern technologies that help them obtain money easily and quickly
  • PayTabs has also contracted with high-precision security systems to prevent fraud, so that the company is certified as one of the layered security systems in the world.
  • The company is funded by the Saudi Aramco Center specialized in entrepreneurship, and it is reported that the funding that the company obtained between 2014 and 2017 amounted to $20 million.

Establishment of a company PayTabs

  • PayTabs was established in 2014 by Abdulaziz Al-Jouf, and the company began its work in the same year in a group of countries: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and India, and the company expanded in the following year to all countries of the Arabian Gulf.


  • After two years of establishment, the company obtained first place in Forbes’ list of the best startup companies due to the services and quick solutions that the company provides to business owners, and the company then began its journey of expansion in 17 other countries.


  • In 2017, PayTabs received the Leadership and Innovation Award from the Asian Banker Center in the Middle East, and the company's name was also placed among the top 100 companies in the Arab world according to Forbes magazine.


  • The company continues its success year after year, obtaining the award for the best company for providing electronic payments solutions, and maintaining its position as the best company in the Middle East region by Forbes magazine.


  • It will later be sponsored by KPMG, the innovators of biotechnology, and will also receive the Fintech Award presented by Arabian Business magazine. It is noteworthy that a merger was made between PayTabs and K-Net as another and alternative means of payments, after a partnership with Bahrain Financial Technology Bay.

Payment solutions provided by the company PayTabs

The company offers a set of solutions that help companies and stores facilitate payment and money transfer. It also provides payment solutions for small business owners, startups, and e-stores through:

  • Sustainability in revenue stream operations
  • The speed of connecting the PayTabs system with any company's platform within 24 hours
  • The ability to deal in approximately 168 international currencies when making payments or receiving money, in addition to the ability to pay in the user’s local currency
  • Facilitating the process of withdrawing funds and obtaining them quickly
  • The ability to extract and send invoices online, and no fees or costs apply
  • Providing the creation of an online store from the company’s platform
  • Developing businesses and providing all types of platforms while presenting a large number of business models
  • Providing continuous support service by specialized experts via phone and email
  • Accepting all payments from all countries of the world via credit cards through websites or private payment applications
  • PayTabs offers the possibility of obtaining a demo account on its platform or a paid account.

Anti-fraud feature provided by PayTabs

One of the most important features of the company is that it has high protection and has anti-fraud systems, as it provides users with a dashboard that enables them to monitor all transactions conducted over the Internet. PayTabs also provides a two-layer system for protection against fraud, and this system consists of a three-dimensional security service, which is It helps in completing all payment or money transfer operations with the highest levels of protection.

Therefore, PayTabs provides you with an electronic payment service with a complete protection system, with a wide range of privileges and quick solutions that save its users a lot of time and effort. In order to facilitate payment operations through our Trinavo store, we have provided the possibility of paying via PayTabs, and we wish its users an excellent experience. Great in our store.

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