How to calculate taxes on online store sales in Jordan (detailed guide)

How to calculate taxes on online store sales in Jordan 2023 - Trinavo

Most Jordanian entrepreneurs are currently moving towards the world of e-commerce, but they often face difficulty understanding the complexities of taxes and how to apply them to their digital stores. Many of them seek to understand the tax system How to calculate taxes on online store sales in Jordan For the year 2023.

If you are thinking about starting your digital business, Trinafo offers you this article to be a roadmap to help you build your free online store, and provides you with comprehensive information about... Jordanian tax system About online stores and how to calculate taxes on online store sales.

Are your online store sales subject to the tax system in Jordan?

The Jordanian government decided Implementing the tax system on sales of electronic stores operating in Jordan With increasing The size of the electronic market in Jordan is a result of many people moving towards digital stores. The General Administration of Customs took a decision to regulate e-commerce operations with the aim of creating a balance between e-commerce and traditional trade By setting a ceiling on purchased goods and imposing Tax fees Annually, in addition to exempting some items from these fees or reducing them according to specific cases that we will mention in the next paragraph.

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How to calculate taxes on sales of a free Jordanian online store

How to calculate taxes on free online store sales in Jordan

The Jordanian government, through a government committee, issued a list of instructions and plans to control electronic commerce by imposing additional fees and setting annual ceilings for this trade at 500 dinars instead of 2,400 dinars. 

And accordingly For the decision  It was imposed customs fees On goods coming through electronic stores, whether authorized or not, as follows:

1- Authorized electronic stores:

  • Collecting 50 dinars for a customs services fee of 5 dinars, which is collected according to a brief declaration on the customs electronic platform.
  • Determine 10 dinars per invoice for goods whose value exceeds 50 dinars and does not exceed 100 dinars.

2- Unauthorized online stores:

  • Collecting 15 dinars for goods whose annual invoices do not exceed 500 dinars.
  • Payment of a service allowance of approximately 25 dinars, provided that the value of the annual bills does not exceed 500 dinars.

And it was determined Jordanian customs  Later, new procedures will be introduced for purchasing via e-commerce to benefit from the exemption for goods that are less than 100 dinars per person and not more than 200 dinars per month. An electronic platform has been designed to declare goods received through purchasing via websites for the following items:

  • Food.
  • Kids Games.
  • the shoes.
  • Personal clothing.

Procedures for obtaining a declaration for your online store’s goods in Jordan

It requires you to get Declaration of goods Purchased through your online store, you must register your national number for monthly balance purposes, in addition to the responsibility of shipping and postal companies to verify the identity of people upon delivery. And you can see Conditions and authorization mechanism electronically within electronic services Via the customs website.

Legal ways to reduce your online store taxes in Jordan

The Jordanian Minister of Finance announced that sales tax It is based on various criteria, with the aim of taking into account the social conditions and economic aspects necessary to support the local community to reduce the tax burden on people with low and middle income, where tables have been developed For tax-exempt goods Subject to reduced taxes, including:

  • Food 
  • Supplies for people with special needs
  • Pharmaceutical industry inputs and others4.
  • Items that are less than 100 dinars per person, provided that their total value does not exceed 200 dinars per month.

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The importance of calculating taxes in estimating the economic feasibility of your online store

The importance of calculating taxes on online store sales

Taxes on commercial sales, including electronic sales, bring many benefits to you and society.

 Here are some of these tax benefits:

  1. Achieving a balance between traditional and electronic commerce.
  2. Verify real stores and protect people from scams.
  3. Providing and creating new job opportunities for future generations.

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