How to exploit neuromarketing to increase sales?

How to exploit neuromarketing to increase sales?

How to exploit neuromarketing to increase sales?

What is neuromarketing?

  • Neuromarketing is defined as a means of controlling the consumer, trying to understand his brain and way of thinking, to find out what he wants to get in order to meet his needs, and then influence his purchasing decisions.
  • In this regard, Noir Focus conducted a study on neuromarketing, the results of which indicated that traditional methods such as questionnaires cannot understand consumer behavior, or predict their purchasing decisions.
  • The modern method used in neuromarketing or mood marketing does not rely primarily on questionnaires to predict consumer behavior.
  • These questionnaires cannot identify subconscious reactions, so neuromarketing is a mechanism to get ideas out of consumers' minds.
  • Neuromarketing is a method that relies on analyzing the brain's process to understand desires and... Customer needs, instead of asking them what they want.
  • This is what he does The nervous marketer, because it affects these active areas of the brain through the use of its marketing tools.
  • For example, here the marketer reformulates the ad or changes the creatives to create some kind of brand loyalty.

What are the steps in making a purchasing decision using neuromarketing?

  • Of the central nervous system responsible for the decision-making process, the brain consumes only about 2% of conscious activity while making purchasing decisions which is called neuromarketing exploitation.
  • Therefore, most decisions a consumer makes about purchasing are unconscious decisions, and the consumer can be influenced by purchasing a particular good or requesting a particular service.
  • The brain sends signals with information related to the chosen good or service.
  • Advertising stimulates the centers of excitement and enthusiasm in the brain, but stimulating these centers is not enough to stimulate the consumer’s purchase decision.
  • The brain selects some goods to enter into the stage of deliberation and discussion, which receive special attention from the rest of the goods.
  • The brain gets complete conviction about the good the brain is interested in and then makes the final decision to buy it.
  • Few other factors affect purchasing power other than the neurological effects resulting from advertising the product or commodity.
  • Among these factors, for example: limited purchasing budget, the influence of other people on the consumer's decision, and recent purchases made by the consumer have a major role in determining upcoming purchases.

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How does neuromarketing exploit attraction?

  • Neuromarketing uses a range of techniques that measure consumer reactions, including eye tracking or visual sequences.
  • This method depends on analyzing the consumer's point of view of the goods, and then building the marketing mix on this basis.
  • Major companies have resorted to using these technologies to achieve more profits.
  • The most prominent of these companies is Amazon, through its analysis of the consumer’s point of view on retail pages through the theoretical progression technique.
  • Amazon redesigned some interfaces based on the results of this analysis, and with this simple behavior, it was able to increase sales of its products and services.
  • Some studies have also proven that color is the first thing that attracts customers' attention to products.
  • More than 90 percent of consumers focus primarily on the appearance of the product, and make a purchasing decision based on the colors.
  • There is no doubt that choosing the appropriate colors contributes to creating a type of brand loyalty among consumers, and consolidating it in memory.
  • Therefore, most large and successful companies choose the appropriate color for the brand, in addition to choosing the appropriate colors for the distribution outlets, in order to create a promotional mix that contributes to attracting customers’ attention and attracting the largest possible number of consumers.

How to increase sales with neuromarketing?

We have summarized what marketing experts and specialists recommend in using the neuromarketing method to increase sales in these points:

Use visual impact

In your display ads or in your advertising videos, focus on using advertising content that focuses primarily on your product or good, and that draws the customer's attention to the features of that good or service.

Use attractive covers

Studies have proven that product packaging has a negative, positive or neutral impact on customers, so you need to choose the colors of the packaging and choose the texts written on it carefully.

Choose the appropriate colors

  • Choosing the appropriate color is not limited to the color of the product only, but also to the marketing mix as a whole.
  • Find out which colors have the biggest impact on your target audience's brain, and use them to create packaging and flyer designs.
  • Many studies in this area have found that the seller should choose a color that is in direct contact with the item.
  • For example, companies that sell environmentally friendly products always choose green in their product packaging, logos, and website designs.
  • It is also a good idea for the seller to use colors that contribute to convincing customers of the goals and directions of the business. For example, Apple always uses white to express the simplicity of its product designs.

In the end, we hope that we have provided you with sufficient information about neuromarketing, which many large companies use to control purchasing decision-making and achieve a large percentage of sales, by knowing customers’ affiliation and preferences, the colors they prefer, and geographic regions, all of which are important factors in knowing customer behavior. And control them.

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