The future of social media marketing

The future of social media marketing

The future of social media marketing

What is the future of social media marketing? Many people ask about the future of electronic marketing through social media, as it has recently been observed that there are radical changes in marketing, which give directions for great development in the coming years, due to the great development in information technology, artificial intelligence, and social media networks, so we will talk in detail about the future of marketing through social media. Media in today's article.

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The future of social media marketing

In the following lines, we will talk about the future of marketing via social media in detail:

Text content will continue to be important to marketers

When we read all these statistics and studies predicting the dominance of voice and visual search on the web, we might think that textual content has no place in the future of digital marketing.

This is unlikely, good content will still be in demand, people love useful written content, and it is true that the way this content is found may change, but it will still be necessary and marketers will continue to embrace it, especially in the field of SEO.

The importance of video in marketing

Video content makes up nearly 80% of web traffic. Also, the likelihood of a purchase increases after watching a video about a particular product.

So it's no wonder that 87% of digital marketers use video content in their marketing strategies.

Like most trends E-Marketing Overall, phones drive the penetration of video content, as mobile users prefer video content over mobile content.

Because reading long texts on small screens is exhausting, that's why I expect this trend to become more established within a decade from now, whether thanks to the spread of phones or increased Internet speeds around the world.

The phone will conquer the world of electronic marketing

  1. With the widespread use of smartphones and their rapid development, digital marketers are turning their attention to these small devices.
  2. In 2018, mobile advertising controlled 63% of the ad market, and 92% of Facebook ad revenue came from mobile phones.
  3. The spread of smartphones also affects an important area intertwined with e-marketing, which is search engine optimization.
  4. Google has launched a mobile-first index policy that gives mobile-friendly websites better rankings on search pages.
  5. I predict that ten years from now, mobile marketing will be even more important than it is today.

The future of social networks

  • It is difficult to accurately predict what social networks will be like 10 years from now, but they will likely be more interactive.
  • It will rely on virtual reality to create a realistic social experience for its users.
  • On the other hand, there are problems that social networks will face in the coming years, especially the issue of privacy.
  • There has become great concern among many users of these networks about their personal information being misused and sold to third parties, and we do not know how this will affect the future of these networks.

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What is the future of social media marketing?

In the following lines, we mention the role of social media in the future of marketing:


  1. Over the past two years, Pinterest has shifted its focus from spreading inspiration to promoting action and initiative.
  2. This company aims to attract brands to advertise on it and this will have an impact on digital marketers who rely on Pinterest for their campaigns.


  • When it comes to social media marketing, LinkedIn is one of the most important marketing channels.
  • It is enough to know that this platform alone accounts for 80% of social customer engagement.
  • And 97% of marketers use it as a channel to publish their marketing content.
  • This social platform mainly focuses on the business sector, about 57% of companies have accounts on LinkedIn.
  • As mentioned earlier, video has taken over the marketing world.
  • Therefore, it may not be surprising to see many companies placing video ads on LinkedIn to reach their audience.
  • All this makes you feel how much you need to design a promotional video for your business.

YouTube YouTube

  1. There is no doubt that YouTube will still be one of the biggest players in digital marketing ten years from now.
  2. In fact, experts predict that more brands will use YouTube to attract customers, because the costs of advertising on Instagram and Facebook are constantly increasing.
  3. YouTube is not just a video hosting platform, it can also be used to create links and connect with your audience for free.


  • There are over a billion active accounts on Instagram each month, half of which are active daily.
  • That's why companies flock to this platform, there are more than 8 million accounts for companies or projects.
  • According to statistics, Instagram users generally respond to brands.
  • Businesses with at least one hashtag get 12.6% more engagement, and 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business account.
  • Additionally, 30% of them bought something after seeing it on Instagram.
  • In general, Instagram is the most interactive social network, which has led some to believe that it will replace Facebook in the future.

Artificial intelligence will revolutionize electronic marketing

  1. Help understand customers: AI can analyze data to predict the purchasing behaviors and decisions of target customers.
  2. Improve user experience: You can use AI data to provide your audience with what they need, and provide technical support via chatbots.
  3. More effective marketing: AI helps you get ahead of improvisation and guesswork. And build strategies Marketing Based on data analysis and well-thought-out steps.
  4. Increase productivity: Using artificial intelligence algorithms, you can automate many boring and cumbersome tasks. This will help you increase productivity and save time and money.
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