Choose the online store domain with the Egyptian suffix

Choose the online store domain with the Egyptian suffix

Choosing an online store domain with the Egyptian suffix is one of the most important basics of building a website and the most important decision for its success, as it is your address on websites, which greatly affects your brand and the appearance of your store to users in different search classifications.

In this article, we will share with you the definition of the domain, the types of domains depending on the type of purpose, the importance of choosing it for your online store with the Egypt extension, and finally the steps to purchase one of these domains.

Choosing an online store domain in Egypt

Domain Name definition

It is a name that is used instead of addresses (IPs) to access various websites in order to facilitate search for users, andIt consists of a set of letters, numbers, and some symbols that are the identifier for your website.

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Types of online store domains and websites available in Egypt

when you decide Reserve a domain and hosting for your online store website in Egypt From one of the companies you will find that there are types of domains that end with different extensions, and therefore you must get to know them before choosing the most appropriate for your activity, including:

  • .co: Abbreviation for company, commerce and community.
  • .info: for media sites (newspapers, magazines, channels, satellite channels...).
  • .net: technology, referring to technology websites...
  • .org: linked to non-commercial organizations and non-profit organizations (charities, international organizations...).
  • .biz: for business or commercial use, such as private e-commerce sites.
  • .me: for blogs, resumes, or personal websites.
  • .ma or refers to local websites specific to each country separately (where .ma is for Morocco, for example, and .ca for Canada... etc.).
Types available for choosing the domain of an online store in Egypt

The Supreme Council of Universities, located at Cairo University, is the main body and owner of the .com domain reservation service. eg in Egypt, where all Egyptian website domains end in .eg, so your store, for example, will be like this mystore.

The importance of choosing the domain of your online store with the Egyptian suffix

Choosing a domain with the Egyptian suffix is one of the important steps when creating your website for many reasons, including:

  • Increasing the success rate of your store appearing on search engines, as engines use it to determine the origin of the website and display it to target audiences. Containing the suffix will place it at the top of search results when someone searches for products or services in Egypt.
  • Customers purchase from a website located in Egypt more often than purchasing from an international website.
  • Giving your store a competitive advantage and professionalism, as customers will be able to distinguish your website from others with similar names; Most companies have a domain name that ends with “.com” or “.net”. 
  • Building trust with customers. A domain with the suffix shows customers that you are serious about doing business in Egypt and can be trusted to provide quality products and services.

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Steps to purchase a domain with the Egyptian suffix for your online store

There are many service providers in Egypt that provide free domains, but those that offer paid domains remain the best because they give you a distinctive domain. It gives visitors credibility and helps your site rank at the top of search engines in order to increase the speed of archiving, unlike free domains.

Here are the most important steps to purchase a domain for your online store in Egypt:

1- Choose the domain name

Search for a domain name Easy and relevant to your business, hence make sure it is available in the .eg domain suffix. You can perform a search to see if a similar name is already registered as a trademark. Having a similar name will cause confusion as well as serious legal implications. 

2- Domain registration

After deciding the domain name on you Record it Through an online registrar such as GoDaddy, which offers .eg domains. You will need to provide your personal and contact information and pay the registration fee.

Registering an online store domain in Egypt

Review the following video GoDaddy All information necessary to register a domain name.

3- Domain setting

YScope setup included:

  1. Setting up DNS records (a database that converts the links we use to visit websites into IP addresses), 
  2. Configure your domain name to point to your online store.

This process may take some time so it is best to consult an experienced web developer who can guide you through the setup process.

4- Activate and monitor the scope: 

The activation process includes submitting the domain to the Egyptian registrar and paying the registration fee. Once the domain is activated, it must be monitored regularly, as domains in Egypt tend to expire without prior warning if adequate monitoring is not provided.

Purchasing a domain with the Egyptian suffix for your online store is a great way to professionally represent your business in the Egyptian market by increasing local awareness of your business online, as well as increasing your conversion rate by increasing sales and establishing a trustworthy reputation.

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