Licenses to have an online store

Licenses to have an online store

Licenses to have an online store

Many users are searching for licenses to obtain an online store, as creating a website requires obtaining licenses in order for the activity to be legal. Therefore, today in our article we will talk about how licenses to obtain an online store work and what are the necessary licenses that must be obtained when creating website.

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Why should you license your website?

  • These papers give you the legitimacy to exist, sell, and contract with merchants who find products, contract with major companies, and contract with shipping companies, banks, and electronic payment companies.
  • All this is done officially through the business papers required to obtain a license for an online store to sell online.
  • You have the right to publish the website and make commercial advertisements in the streets and on TV, radio and television stations.
  • You also have the right to file a legal action within the state.
  • You also have duties to pay taxes because you are already there after completing the licenses to have an online store.

What licenses are needed to create a website?

  • A website is defined as a page, domain, or software that has a specific name, domain, and address.
  • It is created on the Internet.
  • Which provides informational, advertising, journalistic or commercial content according to the type of content provided, whether it is content (video content, written content, or even audio content or selling products).
  • This new law also includes websites that are managed outside Egypt or in any other country and requires them to take procedures for licensing an online store.
  • Under this law, you can now license a website in Egypt or any other country by a single person, group of people, company or institution.
  • Every person who wishes to license his site must personally establish a company and obtain a tax license and commercial register for it before initiating the licensing procedure.
  • Now that you know the necessary licenses to create an online store in Egypt or any other country, you will find in the following paragraph the steps.

What are the steps for licensing a website?

We will mention in the following lines the licenses for obtaining an online store in the Arab Republic of Egypt as an example. Follow us:

If the site is not created yet

The website owner or his representative may submit a request to the Supreme Media Council at any time.

Also, the sites are still in the construction phase, and their owners have only two weeks to apply for a license at the Supreme Media Council.

Fill out the electronic form

  • On the Council’s website, through the electronic registration icon to obtain a license for your site, which will include the required documents and the license form.
  • You can obtain a paper copy of the form and these documents through the Supreme Council for Media Regulation form.

Pay a website creation fee

  • This is before inspecting the site, and depositing the amount into the account of the responsible authority.
  • You can also pay cash to your board's company account for site creation licenses.

Bring all required documents as follows:

  • Tax card.
  • A copy of the national ID card for each of the site owner, editor-in-chief, and site board of directors.
  • The commercial register of the company, which requires that the capital allocated to it not be less than 100 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Criminal status sheet for the website owner.
  • A copy of the deposit for the required fees for creating a website.

Submit the form electronically

Submit the required documents with it by clicking Submit, then you will be notified whether your data is complete or there is a lack of data.

Review the competent authorities

The papers and information you provided within a period not exceeding 3 months will be reviewed by the competent authorities.

Within 90 days the council will make a decision

  • In order to complete the necessary licensing procedures, and if your application is accepted and you obtain the license.
  • Therefore, the license is valid for five years and you can open an online store now.
  • Now that you know the necessary licenses to create an online store, and the steps and procedures for opening websites.
  • It is worth noting that websites whose owners do not obtain a license will be punished, and the violating website owner may be fined up to one million pounds and a maximum of 3 million pounds.

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Website license and online store license

  • Every person who owns a company and wants to design a website or... Electronic shop Ensure that he has a commercial register in order to obtain a license for the site or store that he seeks to own.
  • Having a licensed website increases customers' trust in you and makes you... trade mark Of strong origin.

In the end, we talked about licenses for obtaining an online store for every person who wants to create a website for his own activity. We hope that we have covered all aspects of licensing a website for every user who wants to create a website for all activities that need websites.

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